6 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks for Your Construction Business

Your Construction Business Needs these LinkedIn Marketing Hacks
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Use these Marketing Hacks to Market on LinkedIn

With more than 630 million users and over 260 million active users on LinkedIn, you will need to be able to market your business to the potential customers and professionals that matter to your company. As a construction business, LinkedIn is one of the best places for you to market yourself. That’s why we created a list of 6 LinkedIn marketing hacks for your construction business. 

While LinkedIn company pages used to function as HR landing pages for brands, they are now a way for LinkedIn members to learn about your business, your brand, job opportunities, and the products and services that you offer.  

Brands can make job postings, showcase their products and services, and network with professionals and potential prospects. Build a community of people that are loyal to your construction business and will engage with you regularly, so that your company comes to the forefront of your industry.  

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is a social media network meant for professionals. It enables these individuals to network, build professional connections, and look for jobs. Businesses, employers and recruiters, on the other hand, use it for marketing their business and for hiring new employees. 

LinkedIn marketing is the process of using the LinkedIn platform to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate leads, and make connections. These activities will all go a long way to generating sales for your business. 

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6 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks – how to use LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn is not your average social network. It is used for career development, discussions about industries, professional growth, and building connections. Individuals and businesses alike can see results from this platform. Once you have created a list of goals and come up with a LinkedIn marketing strategy to meet those goals, you should know how LinkedIn can support you. Below are some of the best ways to use LinkedIn for business:

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Make your page stand out

As we mentioned earlier, the days when LinkedIn company pages were just wallflowers, are long gone. Like you do for content on your site, you also need to optimize your business’s LinkedIn page. Start by updating your profile image and banner. The “About Us” section is where you can go crazy with content. Use relevant keywordas well as simple and concise language. Your About should explain who you are, explain a little about your brand, what you offer, and what your values are. Include a way for people to contact you if they want more information. Update your page regularly so that people know you are active. 

Share high quality content

Millions of people use LinkedIn, but very few of them offer anything of value to other users. For your construction brand to stand out from the multitude of other companies in the LinkedIn universe, you will need to post highquality content that is relevant to your audience. By posting such content regularly, you will gain authority and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Your content should offer value to the reader, for example, by telling them how to solve a problem or ways to do their job easier. 

Join groups relevant to your business

As a construction business, you will find a lot of value in joining groups that are relevant to your industry. You can find these groups by typing “construction” into the search bar and then selecting “Groups” from the dropdown menu on the left. This will bring up all relevant groups, and you can “Ask to Join.” Once you are in a few groups, you can participate in existing discussions or start one of your own. These discussions are a great way for you to share ideas, insights, or ask questions. Additionally, you can also start your own group. 

Communicate through InMail

Users with regular accounts on LinkedIn can send messages only to people that they are connected with. InMail, on the other hand, is a premium feature that allows you to send messages directly to members even if you are not connected. You can use the built-in analytics to improve your messaging. Users with Premium Career, Premium Business and any other legacy type of Premium subscription can purchase additional InMail credits other than the ones allotted. Depending on the type of premium account, you will get a different number of monthly InMail credits. 

Create LinkedIn ad campaigns

LinkedIn lets businesses create a variety of different ads. This includes sponsored content, message ads, text ads like pay per click (PPC) and cost per thousand (CPM) ads, and dynamic ads. You can begin with any budget and start or stop your ads at any time. Your targeting options are also extensivefilters include job title, industrycompany name, and interests. What’s more, is you can easily manage your ads using Campaign Manager. It allows you to create, measure, and optimize your ads. 

Promote your LinkedIn page everywhere

You put in all the hard work to build your LinkedIn profile, so now you should promote it everywhere! Share your LinkedIn company page in all of your marketing communications, email signatures, landing pages, and as a social media button on your website. Have all of your employees list themselves as employees and to follow your business profile. Whenever they like or comment on anything that you post, their friends will be able to see the interaction. And if they directly share your posts, it is even better! 

LinkedIn is an invaluable platform for construction marketing. We hope that our list of 6 LinkedIn marketing hacks for your construction business well help you do social media management for your construction company using the platform.

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