7 Best SEO Strategies for Construction Companies that Work Wonders

7 Best SEO Strategies for Construction Companies that can Work Wonders
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How Search Engine Optimization Techniques Help Construction Companies Score Big

Construction marketing SEO is nothing but the search engine optimization techniques used to drive organic traffic to your website and improve your rankings on Google. However, these techniques need an update just like your apps or Windows do. Marketing a construction company on the web starts with SEO, and the dynamics of web optimization change every year. Taking current trends into consideration, let’s decode the best SEO strategies for construction companies.

SEO marketing for construction companies should be the quintessential part of the overall construction marketing strategy for any firm. Advanced SEO techniques are being by every industry, and there is no reason why the construction industry shouldn’t follow suit. In this blog, we will analyze the 7 latest techniques and best SEO strategies for construction companies in 2019:

1. Concentrate on keyword clusters instead of keywords

The Google Algorithm is constantly being changed. With the latest Google updates, keywords work a little differently. Previously, SEO strategists would look for individual keywords, but now long-tail keywords and keywords clusters are what you should focus on. Google’s new algorithm focuses on understanding the purpose of its users. What they are seeking and expecting from their searches are relevant answers to their queries. So the keyword clusters and long-tail keywords help.

Google Webmasters

Here is an SEO keyword cluster example for “contractor services”: general contractor services, general construction services, contractor services inc, construction contractor. The inclusion of snippets is also due to this update. When a website provides a snippet for a particular blog, it helps users understand about the query instantly. Google has also introduced an algorithmic update to review snippets.

2. Local SEO optimization – be found easily

The internet is the online library where users go first to seek any information. Whether a person is looking for subcontractor services to mend a house or a viewing an upcoming property in the area, online search will be the place they go to search. Most construction companies and firms have local projects that they will need to optimize in search. So searches in your locality/area should be a part of your business strategy too. Concentrate on reviews, Google My Business, map, your contact us page and address to reap benefits.

Local SEO Optimization

Some specific service providers also work locally before expanding their business. That’s the reason why local SEO in construction marketing is highly essential. Here’s an interesting fact: 46% of searches are from users seeking out local information. For example: Local plumbing services, local SEO agency, local shops, contractor agency near me, are all examples of local search terms. Unquestionably, a construction company shouldn’t ignore local SEO and listings to up its game against other local competitors.

3. Longer content means better SERP

Don’t write short, elongate it point-wise. Google prefers longer but to-the-point articles and simple writing. A recent study by a top SEO blog reveals that the “longer the content, higher the likelihood of its ranking at the top of the SERPs.” So how should you write your construction blogs?

Write relevant, on-point content to help users with their queries. Break the article or blog in to smaller paragraphs, with each H2 serving as a topic. If your construction website is a few years old, re-optimize all the pages, including all the articles and blogs. Add more relevant keywords as well. Also, keep in mind that most of your readers consume your content through mobile devices.

Search Engine Results Page

While creating long and well-optimized content, stick to this content checklist:

*Simplicity key – Don’t use overly flowery language or intertwined sentences.

* Talk to the reader – Using a conversational style will give the reader a chance to connect and relate. Write to make a connection.

* Focus on users – Google’s Webmaster tells marketers how to do this well. Guidelines explicitly say: “Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.”

* Call to action – Articles and blogs are not just decorative, informative pieces, but should serve some purpose.  They should subtly compel the readers to complete actions like reaching out you or reading another blog.

* Visually appealing content – Visually appealing write-ups need a subheading, bullet points, easy to read font, and expressive graphics.

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4. Voice Search Optimization – An ongoing trend

When Google made way for voice searches, people used used it for fun. It was a technological advancement that was attractive and amusing at the same time. And, if you think that voice searches have different algorithms, think again. Voice searchers are unlike text searchers, and no matter the devices used (Siri, Alexa or Google Home), data is taken from SERPs. Usually, the answers one gets with voice searches are nothing but snippets. And as per estimations, by the year 2020, 50 percent of searches will be conducted by voice.

Voice Search Optimization

How can one do voice search optimization? Concentrate on long-tail keywords. Most of the time, voice searches are question-based. According to Moz, voice searchers use long-tail keywords in their searches. If you are a construction firm making new housing properties, come up with long-tail keywords for voice search optimization. some examples of these types of keywords include “best housing property in your area,” “green housing society,” and “big flats at affordable rates.” Structured data and the use of schema markup, also help in voice search optimization.

5. Accelerated mobile pages for better user experience

When Google gave a nod to Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, it allowed users to create responsive and mobile-optimized content swiftly. It was a big advantage for websites. AMP basically takes information from your website and displays them in an all-inclusive, easy-to-read format for mobile devices. The best SEO agency for construction companies will not neglect AMP.

AMP consists of three elements:

HTML tags: Without which web content and style will take time to render.

AMP IS:  It’s a library that is helpful in resource loading and manages best practices required for fast rendering.

AMP cache: A network that assures speedy delivery of content.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The AMP framework was released in February 2016. The format is relatively new and undergoing changes, with the latest update for WordPress having been released in December 2018. The construction websites with built-in WordPress can have AMP implemented in a much easier way than sites made with a different CMS. The top publishers around the world have already incorporated AMP to improve their organic search results. AMP is also rumored to be a ranking factor in the mobile-first index of Google. No wonder, since AMP is a revolution in mobile web development. It is very critical for construction marketing SEO, and one of the best SEO strategies for construction companies.

6. YouTube SEO – Videos work like a charm

YouTube videos rank better than any other type of video. Finding a slot in the top 10 of Google search is a cakewalk for a Youtube video. This is one of the best SEO strategies for construction companies to use to increase their leads and conversions. According to Forbes, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. A traditional SEO specialist might not think of YouTube while planning a marketing strategy for a construction company. Marketers need to be innovative and up-to-date with the latest techniques to find out ways of creating engaging videos. And then each video needs to be optimized for YouTube SEO.

YouTube SEO

Why would a construction company dealing with door fixtures and knobs need SEO? Videos on different door styles and designs, types of knobs, door soundproofing, or safety concerns with fixtures are all subjects that can be used. This will make it interesting for buyers as well as interior designers, who can pick the company’s products to serve their clients. Like Google, there is also a YouTube algorithm that functions by understanding the information provided by the video. The title of the video, the filename, the description – everything affects rankings in YouTube search.

7. Focus on overall user experience

A user comes to your website for a reason, and it’s your job to make their experience perfect. Optimize your website for SEO so that the user has a pleasant experience. Google will rate your site better if your website is optimized and ranks high for your target keywords. A significant factor affecting the quality of a site is the bounce rate. Google is very rewarding to websites with lower bounce rates. Other factors are the loading time of the page, page design and functionality. If your site is not user-friendly, it can cost your construction website its Google rankings.

Optimize your website for SEO


The use of SEO tools for optimization of your construction business’ website will give effective results. Use Crazy Egg to position your website content better and to include a call to action button. Tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush for analysis are good options. Lastly, your content should be visually appealing. Don’t write long run-on paragraphs. Break up text. Your website’s look and feel on mobile devices should also not be compromised.

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The purpose behind search engine optimization is to get to the top of Google’s search results. The only reason Google will rank certain sites higher than others is due to the user’s interaction with the website. If a user chooses to spend more time on your page/website/blog, it means he/she has found the information you have provided useful.

Google’s only motive is to deliver the best possible results/answers to its users. It picks sites that users actively engage with, to show way up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Follow our list of the best SEO strategies for construction companies based on current SEO trends and new construction marketing strategies and ace your marketing game.

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