7 Landing Page Hacks that Will Boost Your Sales

Get More Landing Page Conversions with these Tips
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Create Effective Landing Pages Using these Simple

Landing pages are great additions to your marketing campaigns. They help you share a specific message with a targeted audience and capture leads. Your landing page is where people will arrive after clicking on your ad or a link in your email. It is where they will either make a purchase, sign up for something, or download a documentSo now, you are probably wondering how to get more conversions on your landing pages. 

For starters, your home page will not make a good landing page, since it doesn’t have a singular purpose. You should create a dedicated landing page for your PPC ads and optimize it by enhancing every single element. 

We have rounded up 7 landing page tips that you should use to make more sales for your construction business and do pay per click marketing: 

1. Make your offer instantly clear

Your offer should be clear to your visitor as soon as they see your landing page. Keep all important information “above the fold.” This term comes from newspapers. The most important and attention-grabbing stories appeared on the first page above the fold of the paper. Customers would see exciting headlines and buy the paper. This point for a landing page is where the user must scroll down to see more information. You want visitors to scroll down, so ensure that your content is interesting and relevant when they land on your page. 

2. Have a simple design

You don’t want a visitor to feel overwhelmed the second they reach your landing page. By keeping things simple, you will ensure that visitors are not distracted by the message you are trying to convey in your pay per click ads. Low complexity landing pages are easier on our brains, since they require less effort to process. Use less color variations, give design elements lots of space, and align everything well.  If there is too much going on, and visitors can’t find CTAs or information easily, you will not get more conversions on your landing pages.

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3. Create compelling copy

Ensure that your copy is easy to read, emotional (by showing benefits), and has a strong call-to-action (CTA). Think of an engaging way to introduce the problem. Talk about how frustrating the problem is. And then offer a solution to solve the problem. Brainstorm all the things that a visitor might need to make a decision and include that information on the page. Think about any objections that they may have as well, such as product trustworthiness, product quality, cost, payment methods, etc.  

4. Optimize for SEO and mobile

To optimize for mobile and SEO, you should ensure that you are using relevant and high search volume keywords as users can find your landing page organicallyUse keywords in your copy, title tag, meta description, and image file names. You also want your page to load fast, so resize and compress all images, and reduce content. Also ensure that your web host is a good one, because this can also impact load speedPages tend to take longer to load on mobile, so consider using single column designs as well. 

5. Make use of images

Images of human faces can increase trust and improve the overall first impression that visitors get from your landing page. While it may seem easier to use stock images, DON’T. Instead, use images of people in your team. These are easy to distinguish from stock images and can increase your conversion rates. Similarly, detailed product images will perform better than generic product images. When choosing images, ensure that they match closely with any images in your ad or email. 

6. Use scarcity techniques

As advanced as us humans think we are, we are still driven by feelings that in turn influence our behaviors. One of these feelings is the “fear of missing out.” This is what makes countdown clocksand “limited time offers” so effective in marketing. It creates a sense of scarcity for your offer. And most people would rather take an opportunity than regret not doing so later. The way these techniques work is by suggesting that a product or service is more valuable when their availability is low. 

7. Use better calls-to-action

Your call to action should not just tell the visitor to do something, like the popular “start now.” Instead, include an action that has value, such as “Repair your roof,” or “Start building your pool.” These CTAs are straightforward and tell the user exactly what to expect when they are clicked on. In addition to the content of the CTA button itself, use a color that draws more eyes. You can contrast with your brand’s color scheme, for example. Use multiple calls-to-actions so that the visitor can engage at any part of the landing page. Make the buttons large, so that they catch the user’s attention.  

With some tweaks, you can see how easy it is to get more conversions on your landing pages. Whether you are starting from scratch or need to rework your existing landing pages, we hope that our list of 7 tips are helpful. Landing pages are easy enough to design yourself, and there are many landing page builder tools available on the internet. If you don’t have much time to invest in doing it yourself, you can always hire the services of a digital construction marketing agency. 

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