Facebook Retargeting Dos and Don’ts for Contractors

Facebook Remarketing Do’s and Don’ts for Contractors
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Facebook Retargeting Made Easy for Construction Companies

Businesses today are in a constant battle to sell their offerings and retain customers. So, retargeting is one of the best ways that companies can promote themselves to their prospects. And since Facebook ads are not going away any time soon, if your business hasn’t started using Facebook for retargeting yet, you are probably missing out. For example, if your business is struggling with a high bounce rate on the checkout page for example, Facebook’s tracking pixel can help you identify the people who bounced. You can then run targeted ads for them based on their behavior. You should know the Facebook retargeting dos and don’ts for contractors to save both time and money.

You may have heard that the average human attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. Apparently, goldfish have a 9-second attention span, and humans now have 6-8 seconds. This figure came from Statistic Brain, but there is no evidence to back up these figures.  So while attention spans may not be getting shorter, they are definitely evolving. And it comes as no surprise since internet users are constantly bombarded with content across multiple devices. It gets harder and harder to focus on any one thing for an extended period. So now, people need to choose the kind of content that they want to give their attention to. 

What is Facebook retargeting? 

Re-marketing usually refers to the process of following leads around the web with related offers. When someone visits your website, they are tagged or “cookied.” When they go to another site within the same display network, your ads are shown to them. Facebook retargeting works in the same way, except that the ads show up on Facebook.

Why use Facebook retargeting

Facebook offers marketers hyper-specific targeting abilities, which means that you can target more people, boost conversions, and lower the overall cost required to acquire each customer. Facebook retargeting works. 

There are many different stats out there on how successful retargeting really is. ConnectIO found that retargeting ads are 76 percent more likely to get clicked on than display ads. Growthbadger found that 70 percent of people are likely to click on retargeting ads. 

How to do Facebook retargeting

Facebook pixel is a great way to do remarketing. This snippet of JavaScript code is one that you can use to track visitor activity on your website. The code tracks people who engage with your brand. Whenever a visitor completes an action (an “event”) and you want to track them (a “conversion), these tracked conversions appear in Facebook Ads Managers as well as in the Facebook Analytics Dashboard. To implement the pixel, you will need to have access to your website’s codebase, your pixel’s base code or ID, and access to Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Retargeting Dos and Don’ts for contractors

It is easy enough to do retargeting on Facebook. But even seasoned marketers can make mistakes. You should be aware of what you should and should not do when you start retargeting. Below, are some Facebook retargeting dos and don’ts for contractors:

Facebook retargeting dos

Some of the Facebook retargeting dos that you should remember are: 

  • Facebook is the perfect platform to reach people with free time for you to engage with. 
  • When you create an ad, remember that most of your page visitors will be viewing from their mobile phone. So you will need to optimize and have a responsive landing page and enable the mobile option for ad placement. 
  • Include a clear and visible call-to-action (CTA) so that ad viewers can make faster decisions. 
  • Narrow down your targeting so that you don’t show irrelevant products and services to a person who is actually interested in something elseFacebook lets you show ads to people who have already visited specific pages.

Facebook retargeting don’ts

Now that you have read the Facebook retargeting dos, here are the don’ts: 

  • Don’t annoy people by constantly showing them your ad for the next few weeks. Limit the number of times that they see your ads. If it shows up too frequently, it may be marked as spam. 
  • Creating blanket messaging can spell doom for your retargeting efforts. Your prospects are at different stages of the buyer’s journey, which means that you will need to create different content for each step.
  • Don’t make your ad too busy with text, use more visual elements wherever you can.  
  • Don’t let your campaign go live without proofreading the contentIf you have the time, proofread everything twice. It’s easy to accidentally leave typos, punctuation mistakes and grammatical errors in your content.Read more: Content Marketing Tips for the Three Stages of a Buyer’s Journey

Now that you know the Facebook retargeting do’s and don’ts for contractors, it’s time for you to reach the people who have shown interest in your offerings. Reach them before they choose your competitors over you, or before your competitors reach them first. 

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