Foolproof Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rates

Boost Your Conversion Rate with these Easy Hacks
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Learn Which Conversion Rates You Can Improve Easily

Conversion rates vary by industry and even between businessesYou may be wondering how to increase your conversion rate in sales. But conversion rate doesn’t just apply to salesit could be the number of signups you have received for your newsletter or to download a brochure. If there are so many conversion rates that you can improve, which ones do you focus on? And how do you increase these conversion rates? We have a list of foolproof ways to improve your conversion rates as well as the conversion rates that you can improve.

There are paid ways to increase your conversion rate, like through ads. And there are unpaid organic ways to increase your conversions, such as through your website. Some people take the action you desire immediately, some require a push, while others will not take your desired action at all. 

What is a Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is the percentage of people who take action on an offer after you present it to them.  

The equation to calculate your conversion rate is easy. Divide the number of completed actions by the total number of visitors and then multiply by 100. The formula for how to calculate conversion

conversion rate
What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is the process of optimizing your website, search ads, and landing pages to get people to complete an action when they visit. Certain elements of your site can be worked on to improve your conversion rate. 

Create a Conversion Optimization Plan

Before you get started with improving your conversion rates, you will need to create a conversion optimization plan. Decide what your goal is. Once you have a goal or goals in place, you will be able to decide which metrics to track. You can track things such as engagement, session duration, signups, bounce rate, exit pages, and traffic sources.

Conversion Rates you Can Easily Increase

If conversion rates are not just about sales, then what are they about? A conversion is any positive action that is performed by your audience. Here is how to improve your conversion rate: 

Increase Website Conversion Rate

When someone finds or lands on your home page, it is an opportunity to take them further into your website. Link to product pages, offer a brochure download, or have a “know more” button. Try out different colors, fonts, and layouts to figure out what works betterEnsure that page load speeds are fast, and your site is optimized. New visitors to your site will not stay around for very long, so a few seconds is all you have to create a good first impression. So, ensure that your site is user-friendly and remember that simple is often better. 

Increase Ad Conversion Rate

When you launch a retargeting ad, it can only be seen so many times. If you want to increase conversion rates on your landing pages, you need to ensure that the content you have in your ad matches the language of your landing page. Use the right keywords in your pay-per-click campaign (PPC). Ensure that your landing page has compelling copy and a clear headline. Your call to action (CTA) and lead capture forms should be prominent, and the overall design should be simple. Also, what many landing pages tend to focus on features when they should be highlighting benefits.

Increase Retargeting Conversion Rate

Retargeting uses internet ads to remind people about the products that they browsed on your website but didn’t purchase. It is a great way to build your brand. Two great platforms to use for remarketing are Facebook and the Google Display network. And no matter which platform you choose to use, the clicks from remarketing are extremely affordableWhile the numbers vary by your type of business, the platform and your audience themselves, the consensus is that retargeting will considerably boost your conversion rate. 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to increasing conversion rates. Remember that what works for one business will not work for anotherSo try different methods as well as our list of foolproof ways to improve your conversion rates. 

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