How to Rank your Construction Website Better in 2020

Crucial ways to rank your construction website in 2020
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Ways to Optimize your Construction Website in 2020 and Rank Better

How ready are you to optimize your website for 2020? We hear a roaring yeah! Well, a construction website needs to be re-optimized to rank better and beat the competition. The year is 2020, and Google has a lot in store for you in terms of optimization. How to rank better on Google is no mystery, but how to achieve it using advanced SEO techniques and trends in 2020 can get tricky. Just doing website content for a construction company with the right set of SEO keywords is not enough. Here we will simplify how to rank your construction website better in 2020, and this doesn’t just rely on your content strategy.

1. Google is personalizing search results for you

Google is not merely a search engine now; it is also a helping aid that provides answers as well as solutions in a click. Hence the personalized searches! No wonder Google is focusing on personalized results more. As Google searches are getting more precise, so are the results. Try searching for “who made the statue of liberty”, you will not only get the name of the architect but also a little information on the statue itself.

google answer boxes

What you see here is called Google’s “Answer boxes.” As you are optimizing your construction company’s website content, also focus on answer boxes. This might seem complicated, but you can increase your chances by putting clear, well-structured information on your site.

Google is also providing online searchers with relevant results that are based on previous searches or depending on the user’s location. If you are looking for “best contractors in Florida,” your search will return a list of construction firms near your area. If you are a firm with a clientele that is majorly in your town and surrounding areas, you shouldn’t ignore local SEO. There are various ways to do local SEO.

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2. Did you improve your mobile Pages for web optimization?

Mobile-friendly websites are essential because Google’s mobile-first index indicates that the search engine prefers websites and pages that are designed to be more responsive for mobile devices. So, no matter what you do, optimize your site for mobile first. It doesn’t matter whether your website looks and runs fine on a desktop; its performance on a mobile screen is what matters. If a website doesn’t run smoothly on a mobile, it is more than likely that its SEO rankings will also suffer.

The trend of mobile responsive websites is catching up for this reason only. Also, one needs to test how websites work on different screens. If your site has pop-ups or some well-designed pages done to look good on desktop, make sure the effect of these activities doesn’t hamper the mobile user’s experience. Google can also penalize a slow and clumsy mobile site.

3. Optimize knowledge-based questions and FAQs

Whether you are a service-based construction firm or not, the purpose of your website or your business is to provide solutions to your customers. So, not optimizing knowledge-based information and FAQs is a wrong move when it comes to SEO for a construction company in 2020.

A knowledge-base comes with the immense possibility of relevant and rich content for your construction website. For instance, take SunRay Construction Solutions, a Florida-based national documentation service provider. They use their knowledge-base to give solutions to their customers. If a construction company is educated or informing its customers, it is doomed.

Content laced with appropriate information and highly optimized keywords will not just help customers by giving them precise info, it also goes a long way when it comes to SEO. Likewise, if you have a general FAQ section, it should also be optimized for your visitors.

4. Consider other platforms for optimization than Google

Google is going nowhere and will remain influential for many years to come. So, applying your SEO efforts solely through Google is suitable for SEO and digital marketing, right? Unfortunately, not. Times are changing and with it, there are many new players on the digital horizon. The number one alternative to Google is YouTube which is the world’s second-largest search engine. So, if you want to be heard and not just seen and read, you should be on YouTube. Even if you are not into making videos, you can easily create relevant DIYs, webinars, and seminar videos with experts.

Another alternative is the e-commerce giant Amazon. This shopping website doesn’t just ship out products, it offers a platform for so many companies to sell their products. If your construction company is a manufacturer of big and small construction-related tools, you know Amazon is the place where most customers will be directly looking for products. So, if you want to reach a high number of customers with your products, Amazon is the future. The year 2020 and beyond will see SEO changing to suit other platforms and not just Google.

5. Pay a bit more attention to social media optimization

Social media platforms are hip digital places not just for communication and networking, but also for businesses. A strong social media presence helps a construction business in many ways. It’s not just a beneficial digital marketing tactic, it also helps in SEO. You must have heard about social signals which refer to a page’s overall performance in terms of fetching likes and shares on social media. These activities gradually contribute to improving a page’s organic search ranking.

So, even if you think that being in the construction industry means that there is not much to do on social media platforms, think twice. There is a lot you can do. You can start with  creating a profile on Facebook, which has the highest number of active users. There are on average 1.62 billion people that log in to Facebook daily, according to data from Facebook September 2019 update.

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If you want to rank your construction website better in 2020, then your social media strategy needs consistently deliver. It should bridge the gap between your brand and your customers, increasing interaction between followers. Content is again king here; use it strategically to appeal to your audience.

6. Put effort into technical SEO in 2020

Search engines do set a standard when it comes to SEO. No wonder, these standards keep changing. Take, for instance, Google favoring sites that work well on mobile. This concern can be taken care of by developers. Another important consideration is site security. Google is now particular about how sites are being delivered, as safety is the concern. It now requires websites to use HTTPS so that they are “secure” for the Chrome browser.

Here are a few more pointers too:

Site architecture and navigation: Designing a construction website with architecture worthy of crawlers to index your page is crucial to improve rankings.

Relevant snippets: The way Google displays searches is essential, and thus content on the snippet gets very significant. In order to stand out, the content of the snippet should be precise, crisp and to the point.

For technical SEO, it is best to rely on local SEO services provided by digital marketing agencies. A local firm that has local customers and clients would be the best SEO agency for a construction company


We all know nothing is permanent, and change is inevitable. To survive in the construction business world, there is a constant need to keep pace with changes. Unsurprisingly, the digital world is changing drastically and rapidly. SEO remains the oldest and most trusted way to get results organically. However, with time, SEO techniques have also gone through changes. Even though it’s 2020, SEO techniques, like using schema to markup HTML, optimizing a site for speed and not duplicating content over a website remain relevant.

So, how to rank your construction website better in 2020 should be a mix of old and new techniques. Do you see the entry of AI and voice search optimization as the future challenges for SEO? What according to you, are the best SEO strategies for 2020? We would love to hear from you.

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