How to Start with the Marketing Strategy for New Construction E-commerce Website

How to start with marketing strategy of a new e-commerce website
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Follow these simple steps to make a profitable Ecommerce marketing strategy 2020

The E-commerce scene in the construction industry is changing rapidlyThere’s an increase in ecommerce websites for construction products in the past year because it is easy to target contractors who can make a purchase sitting in the comfort of his home.In 2019, there has been an increase in the number of ecommerce websites selling construction products. This has become possible due to the convenience it brings in for the contractors to order tools while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Though it is that simple to start your own ecommerce website, it is very important to build a strong marketing strategy for it to be successful. So, how to start with the marketing strategy for a new construction E-commerce websiteListed below are a few marketing strategy ideas: 

1. OPTIMIZING your E-commerce site for Searches

Search Engine Optimization of your E-commerce website will give you an edge over others. Make sure you are optimizing not just the site, but also the individual product pages with the right keywords and related LSI keywords.  

Be specific with your product title and name. You can have a detailed 800-1200-word article on the product and use it either on the product page or in a blog series. Take the help of online tools like Google Keyword Explorer, Ahref, or Ubersuggest to find the keyword sets. Your product page should reach the top for search terms/keywords related to your business. Because, your prospects are more likely to click the first few results on the search page results. Ask your customers to give reviews and feature them on the page, also optimize it. These days reviews are essential, whether it’s a construction tool or a night cream – customers don’t buy without reading reviews.


Why should a customer buy from you? This is the question you need to ask yourself. Ecommerce in construction industry is still coping with a lot of challenges. So, you need to be cautious about your USP.

unique selling proposition

Suppose you are dealing with home decor and other interior designing products, your USP can be customization. Providing a customized line of products will helpThis will also help in building brand loyalty and increasing return customers for repairs and repurchases, as the product is tailored to their requirement. Also, they will not mind paying extra for customization. It’s a win-win situation. 

This is just an example. Similarly, for your product line, you can offer something unique to the customers, which will make them think that they are buying something special. Our experience says that, minor change into your selling proposition will bring more sales.

3. E-commerce is all about USER EXPERIENCE  

People will choose to buy from your E-commerce store only when they are being assured that the process is seamless and that they will not face problem with the return. Giving your user an amazing experience also starts with a perfect e-commerce website design. The users will mostly favor a neat-looking website which loads fast and has clear pictures of the products with easy-to-read crisp description 

If you think your construction e-commerce website is not up to the mark, hire an ecommerce website design company that has a good experience of building construction websitesOne suggestion here, don’t try to rush the development process of your ecommerce website, you don’t want to miss out on important information or functionality. No design is perfect the first time, there is lot of time to make changes according to the growing traffic and trends. Have a look at or for an ideal website interface.

4. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING for E-commerce   

Social Media publicity is the most vital part of your construction marketing strategy. Yes, social media plays a significant role in popularizing your products as well as the brand. Though one can run Google Ads and Amazon ads for increasing sales, there is no denying that Social media advertising is the key. There are many social media platforms to choose from, depending on the need of your brand.

social media marketing for E-commerce
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Social media marketing for e-commerce is heavily skewed towards Facebook. The main reason for this is the number of people who use Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram. The size of the audience and ease of the platform makes it viable for small and medium business owners to run ads and interact with their customers. Facebook and Instagram allow product sales directly from their platforms, this is a great way to showcase products, provide customer service, drive traffic, and boost brand awareness. Your e-commerce construction brand needs the Facebook marketing push.

5. Remarketing or RETARGETING 

Once the user has shown interest in your brand by visiting the website, he/she becomes a potential customer. This gives you an opportunity to make a sale by retargeting the customer through Google and Facebook ads. Below is the list of customers segments that can be retargeted:  

  • Ones who have purchased from you in the past. 
  • Your email subscribers. 
  • Lookalike audience on Facebook 
  • Customers who have stopped using your ecommerce website or are no longer members. 

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6. Targeting visitors through E-MAIL MARKETING  

Don’t you want to make the most of every visit to your ecommerce website? There are some visitors who come to your site, make a specific searches and leave. And some abandon the cart, while few others look at the overall feel of the website but don’t take any action.  

visitors through E-mail marketing

This problem can be solved by adding a pop-up on your website. This pop-up will ask your visitor to leave his/her email. A construction marketer can use any handy tool to collect the email addresses of the users. Thus, maximizing the value per visitorAs the email list grows, more and more customers can be contacted which will increase sales, and decrease the cart. This action will help in converting website visitors into customers. abandonment rate.

7. Develop an APP 

It’s going a bit technical, but having a mobile app is also a part of your marketing strategy. Why an app? With the advent of smartphones, mobile users are increasing consistently year after year. People prefer consuming the internet more from their phones than tabs and laptops. The mobile apps are easy to use, and beneficial for an e-commerce website in many ways. 

Mobile AR Users
Firstly, it makes the user comfortable as he/she can access the app anytime, anywhere. Secondly, with the use of push notifications you can increase the number of impressions, keep your customers enagaged, and build a strong e-commerce brand.  

8. Let the experts speak for you 

Influencers are helpful not only for the popular lifestyle and fashion segment but also for construction. Many general contractors, business owners, CEOs, and MDs have built their personal brand on social media, and are loved by their followers on Instagram and Facebook. They can help by talking about your brand on their social media account through a video or post.  will result in brand building, and ultimately, sales, though it won’t be immediate. But when the entire construction industry relies more on strong old bonds and trust – this strategy will surely work.  


An E-commerce website comes with a lot of responsibility. One wrong delivery and the brand will get affected. The user/customer can rant about it on Twitter, post it on Facebook, and can even give you a bad Google Review. So, it is necessary to be careful with the e-commerce website development process as well as providing the user its best user experience 

In order to start with the marketing strategy of a new construction Ecommerce website, keep in mind that social media needs to be used more rigorously. Be it addressing the concerns of the users and buyers, promoting the brand, or selling products on FacebookInstagram and other social media platformsAlong with social media, don’t miss out on traditional digital marketing strategies like SEO, content marketing through blogs, and Google ads for promoting the brand, fetching leadsand hence increasing sales. 

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