How to Write SEO – Friendly Content for your Construction Business

A guide to SEO-friendly content
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Let’s talk about SEO! Did you know that as per reports, 93 percent of internet activity begins with a search engineand also that Google owns 65-70 % of the search engine market share? These numbers are admittedly overwhelmingand that’s the reason why SEO, though at times seems backdated, is crucially viable in 2020 too. So, how to write SEO-friendly content for your construction business so that your digital marketing endeavors are not in vain.  

Let us ask you one thing: If you are self-starter, owner of a mid-size construction companyor run a small contractor services firm, how much you are interested in SEO. Surprisingly, most of the small and medium-sized construction firms don’t care about SEO. They do want to put money in construction marketing, but SEO doesn’t seem to them a lead-generation marketing effort.  

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reasons of SEO
SEO is necessary and compulsory for your digital marketing efforts to bear fruit. Period. Now, 
lets focus on:  

How to write SEO-friendly content for your construction business? 

How to do Keyword Research? 

How to create content strategy for your construction website? 

What are the tools for keyword research and SEO/Content marketing? 

To start writing SEO-friendly content, first, a content marketer needs to understand content marketing tactics. Why content? What kind of content? Though a construction website only needs content to fill the service pages and introduce the brand in the About Us section, there is scope to do SEO on every page and section. And, all know SEO starts with Keyword Research followed with content creation strategy. 

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How to do Keyword Research to Write Construction Company’s Website Content?

What SEO/ Content marketing be without keywords? In order to start with content marketing planning, lets discuss how you can have the set of essential keywords that you need to use in every phase of digital marketing for your construction company.  

The most important criteria to have that construction keyword set is user intentThe user intent keywords are further divided into high-intent, mid-intent, and low-intent keywords. Higher the intent, good for your business.  

Then comes the Search Volume, which most of the tools have data in MSV (monthly search volume) form. Next is keyword difficulty. High difficulty lowers the odds to rank better for that keyword.  

Check this for content strategy example:  

contractors in florida
You are a general contractor in Florida and have a small firm too. You want people to use your services and thus your company should be in the searches when your customers are searching for “Contractors in Florida” or keywords like “licensed contractors in florida” or “best contractors in Florida”. Since your keywords are service-specific, they are high intent keywords and not generic keywords.  

The above data is from Ubersuggest  content marketing and SEO tool that also helps you with competitive analysis.  

How to Create Content Strategy for your Construction Website?

Content strategy, as already established, is all about keywords. The above example made it clear how you could see search volume and keyword difficulty using one of the tools. Lets help you further 

See here the list of keywords related to the main keyword “contractors in florida”. Your writing checklist for the blogs and service pages of your construction website should feature these keywords. You can even go with keyword clusters, which are related terms and helpful on many occasions. 

SEO-friendly content- search queries
Not every keyword you find is just a single blog post. Instead, it’s the potential to create a larger marketing campaign that tells a story around that keyword. Then, you can use that keyword to find related queries you think the same visitor would want answers to,” saysenior SEO strategist Braden Becker of HubSpot.  

Another important pillar of your content strategy is long-tail keywords. Fancy this “Where to find best contractor in Florida”. These kinds of specific searches are query-based and can be easily woven into your content pieces, especially blogs.  

Don’t miss the most important part of your construction website to do SEO. We are talking about “About Us ContentYou can analyze the website content of your competitors to come up with a well-researched, targeted, and holistic content 

The “About Us” content of your construction website is the entry door where you will welcome your prospective clientsShow what do you have for being their best contractor in the town.  

What are the Main Considerations to Write the Construction Website’s Content?

Here are the main pointers to be taken care of: 

  • Original content 
  • Use of buying-intent keywords 
  • Crisp and simple language 
  • Formal yet relatable tone 
  • No keyword stuffing  
  • Service-based keywords to be used religiously in every piece of content 
  • Quality not to be compromised 
  • Use of LSI keywords 

As per marketers, every content piece, be it the page, blog or article, should target at least 3-5 keywords. One has to be the primary target keyword (service-based), and others can be secondary keywords, which can be related terms. Then these keywords should be included in the following:  

  • Title tag 
  • Meta description  
  • URL 

Now, lets talk about LSI keywordsWhat are LSI keywords? LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. These are words that are semantically connected and are usually found together in a single topic 

How to recognize or search for LSI keyword? Here is an example  If your primary topic is construction services, then related keywords are “contractor”, “general contractor” “remodeling services”, “renovation contractors,” etc.  

While writing on any topic related to “construction services”, these kinds of keywords mentioned above will come naturally and you can notice how semantically they are connected to the main topic. These keywords and phrases are called LSI keywords. These keywords are also called seed keywords and should be generously used in the content piece to send the right signals to the Google crawlers.  

Lastly, rewriting and updating the old blogs with new relevant keywords and images is an excellent way to get traffic. See this to believe it! 

organic traffic
What are the Tools for Keyword Research and SEO/Content

You can start your journey to keyword research and SEO to fuel your content marketing strategy by using various tools. Google should have your first attention because of Google tools like Google Keyword Explorer and Google Incognito. Though every tool will serve a specific purpose, some tools with their terrific performance have beaten others to do SEO and content marketing in the right way.  

  1. Ahref (Keyword research, competitive analysis) 
  2. SEMrush (Site audit, keyword research) 
  3. Ubersuggest (SEO and Backlink analyzer, keyword research) 
  4. Keywords Everywhere (an extension tool for related keywords) 
  5. Keys4up (For LSI keywords) 
  6. LSI Graph (For LSI keywords) 
  7. HubSpot (Provides Content marketing tool) 
  8. Grammarly (To check grammar errors) 
  9. Link Explorer from Moz ( To check out online authority for any website 
  10. BuzzSumo (Tracking content) 

There is no limit to the online tools section. There are hundreds of tools at your disposal. You can try free tools first and then can go with the paid versions. However, the entire digital marketing strategy is somehow based on keywords and hence SEO and PPC too. Thus, it is always advisable to have a digital marketer, who knows how to use some of the important tools, to take up this challenging role, and to show conversions, bringing more business.  


It doesn’t matter whether you are start-up or a medium-sized companydefining brand identity on the online space for getting business and be successful need digital marketingAnd for that content strategy is a prerequisite.  

Writing SEO-friendly content for your construction business needs extensive research, keyword strategy, understanding of the customer, marketing knowledge and content that not only is in volume but also speaks volumes. It may sound to many a simple process to start, but given the competition, it isn’t. Hiring a construction marketing agency can be of fantastic help to sort digital marketing strategies and streamline actions.  

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