Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 that Can Benefit a Construction Company

Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 that can benefit a construction company
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6 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019: How Construction Companies can take Advantage

The owner of a construction company may often not find the term digital marketing exciting. And the reason is probably because there is less awareness of digital marketing trends in the industry. With digital transformation taking over, it’s imperative to be a part of the bandwagon that is already minting money by doing the right online marketing strategy. The construction industry has already warmed up to digital marketing ideas like video marketing, re-marketing through Google, and local search engine optimization. There are many other tactics that can be used though. This is why we have compiled a list of digital marketing trends of 2019 that will benefit construction companies that want to stay ahead in the game.

It is the norm in the construction industry to rely more on offline marketing methods. The broad and expensive nature of traditional marketing does indeed yield results, but can it beat digital marketing when it comes to being cost-effective, realistic, and more customer-centric? Probably not. This is why construction companies should embrace digital marketing.

Here are 6 digital marketing trends of 2019 that can help any construction company crush their competitors:

1. Voice search optimization

Human beings are wired to put comfort first. So, this has led to inventions and advancements in technology, and now everything you seek is just one click away. With the development of voice search, it has become easier for people to find any information that they want to. So it is time for businesses to put their online marketing efforts into voice engine optimization.

Nowadays, most devices are voice-enabled, and if brands are thinking of leveraging this feature, they will have more possibilities to reach out to the target audience. As per reports, by 2020, 50% of queries will be voice-based.

What construction companies can do to cash in on this trend is concentrate on voice search optimization. When you do an internet search using voice, Google uses the same methods to give results for voice searches as it does for text searches. So, experts handling construction marketing should pay attention to their SEO and content. Make the content of your website lucid, crisp and to-the-point. Do not forget long-tail keywords, especially the ones with questions. For example, if a customer is looking for a remodeler in his locality, his voice search would say: “Who is the best remodeler in my (name of area)?” Increase your chances of getting a higher click-through rate and more business with voice search optimization.

2. Instant chatting for problem-solving

Whenever you have a doubt or problem with any purchase or order, you probably think of calling customer care. But, whether you manage to get in touch with a customer care official for your query is a different story. These days, most customers choose to use chat bots as the replies are instant. And one can even keep a screenshot of the conversation for future reference.

As per Grand View Research, “45% of end-users prefer to use Chatbots as a primary means of communication in customer service”. There is no denying the fact that chatbots indeed play a vital role in improving a customer’s experience with a brand service.

How can a construction company use chatbots? For example, if you are a construction documentation service provider, and a visitor comes to your website and is contacted via chatbot asking about his/her requirement, the chatbot can direct the user as per their need. This can be through an FAQ page, service page, a talk to an executive button or leading the user to the main admin where the user can raise a ticket about a particular document.

3. Augmented and virtual reality marketing

You experience augmented reality not only when you try sunglasses on in an application but when you use camera filters with funny faces on social media apps. If a business is interested in creating brand awareness with the right kind of buzz on digital media, augmented and virtual reality marketing is a good option.

Did you know that according to Statista, “AR and VR market size worldwide is expected to reach $209.2 billion in only 4 years?” IKEA has already used augmented and virtual reality marketing several times to give its customers a real feeling of using their line of products.

A construction company dealing with contractors and subs can also use augmented and virtual reality marketing to provide their prospects an experience of their final project. Brochures and pictures are not yet passé, but giving customers a real feeling of their project will help them make a decision.

4. WhatsApp messaging to spread the word

Isn’t it tough to imagine a day without WhatsApp? The app, which changed the way the world communicates, now also serves as a perfect platform for business marketing. The trend of WhatsApp business messaging is not just restricted to selling stuff, but other business activities too. Activities like promotional ads and brand awareness are happening now through WhatsApp Business Messaging.

A construction company should take advantage of this trend as messaging traffic is expected to double by 2019. Spread the word about your new project through Whatsapp to get in touch with the maximum number of prospects.

5. Live stories to tell on social media

There is no doubt that a significant chunk of marketing happens on social media. And social media marketing for construction companies is not just about LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, it’s also about Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Social media for construction companies is now also about live content. Influencers and bloggers have been using the live story medium to engage their audiences for quite some time now. And, there’s no reason why businesses shouldn’t be using it. Live streaming content is not just practical, but free too. And this type of content doesn’t take much time to make either.

If you are eager to build a band of followers who share your set of thoughts and beliefs, connecting with them through live stories is a great option. Stories on social media are said to be gathering more impressions in comparison to news feeds. Live stories spruce up your social media and humanize your brand. This makes your social media profiles look and feel reliable and compelling at the same time.

6. Engagement-based email marketing

You must be thinking that if email marketing is engagement-based, how is it a trend? Email marketing is, indeed, based on engagement. But how many of the emails that you send get a reply? The new trends in email marketing need smart marketers who know how to segregate active users from the dormant ones.

But there is a big step an email marketer has to take. And that is to understand their leads’ behavior and to conceptualize their email marketing accordingly so that the right email reaches the right segment of prospects. A construction marketing expert can use a tool to classify prospects and define their segments so that their email marketing is customer-focused and relevant.

There’s a twist in the trend though! By large, most email marketers use graphics to make emails look exciting. But HTML style emails with interesting graphics also stand a chance of ending up in the spam folder. As a result, many marketers use the basic email format, and that is text emails. Yes, plain text emails give the impression of a personalized letter. And any reader would love to read an email that is meant for them and addresses their needs.

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To conclude this blog, trends like voice search optimization, the use of augmented and virtual reality, and smart chatbots to connect with customers, are not the only digital marketing trends of 2019 that will benefit construction companies. These trends will have an unbeaten run in the coming year too. Let’s see what new digital marketing trends 2020 brings.

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