How to make your Construction Company a Brand Online

create a brand identity for your construction company
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Branding a Construction Company: Six Business Branding Ideas

What’s branding? Construction people don’t go with branding! They let their work speak. That’s the usual notion in the industry where hard work and quality show, and there is no hiding. No amount of marketing will help a construction company who has not performed well and has no positive relationship with the client and customers. So, in modern times, is creating a brand identity worth it for a construction company? How to make your construction company a brand online? Is brand management in construction the need of the day! Does branding shape the marketing ideas of a construction company?

Yes, any construction firm big or small can have a bad name in the industry if they do sloppy work. However, the current times have aware clients, buyers, and people do research (online and offline both) before going for any brand. Branding in the construction industry is still a new concept, but when people are looking for companies on the web, it’s advisable to be online with the right message. In this blog, you will read about:

  • What is Branding?
  • What’s the Branding Strategy?
  • Six Construction Business Branding Ideas, and
  • What is the Importance of Brand Building for a Construction Company?

What is Branding?

Don’t get confused by the term branding. Making a brand — a brand to reckon with is Branding. It is a process of defining and giving meaning to a company, organization, products/services by building up the respective brand in the customer’s mind. Branding is a marketing term that has no negative connotation. Do you know how the process of branding works?

What’s the Branding Strategy?

It’s a strategy devised by the companies and service providers to help people and target audiences to identify and experience the brand, and give them a reason why they should choose that particular brand, why they are different from the others, and better than the competitors. The process of branding works in many ways. If you are thinking about how to promote a construction business, strategizing branding should be the first step. So, where to start!

How to Create a Brand Identity for a Construction Company?

If a construction firm wants to create a brand identity, the online presence is a prerequisite. It all starts with the website. But, the first thing is the LOGO. A logo is an integral part of the first stage of branding. Next is, the logo should not be without a slogan or tagline. A slogan or tagline will cement your position in the industry. However, branding a construction company goes beyond the logo and the slogan. Here are six construction business branding ideas:

  • LOGO – Brand’s Identity and more

Creating a construction brand to reckon with will take time, perseverance, and a great deal of patience. Choose a logo that speaks for you. In your logo, it should be clear what is your company’s name and specialty area. If your logo can’t mention what services your render, then do it with your tagline or slogan.  Whether its plumbing services, equipment rental firm or contractor services say it loud and clear on the logo. Here are a few examples: “Developing our people, growing our business.” “Quality construction. Honest service. Great value.” SunRay Construction Solutions – a National Construction Documents Service Company – uses the line: “Secure your lien rights and get paid on your terms” for their business communication. A Logo is just the starting, but your branding is not just about the Logo.

  • What your Construction Brand should be known for?

Does your logo says it all! Of course, no. A  Logo is just a symbol, a picture representation, an identity mark, but is not what your company is known for. Your company is not only the services but what’s lies beneath — the mission, the vision, the ultimate mantra. These factors will help your company to be a brand. Now, answer this: Are you connecting to your customers? If yes, then how!

Here are a few virtues your brand should stand for, the attributes through which your customers will connect and relate to you:

  1. Trustworthy – Above all, the trust factor matters.
  2. Reliable – When a customer relies on you, that’s your win.
  3. Professionalism – A professional approach will always work in your favor.
  4. Fair – Be fair in your attitude.
  5. Good value – A customer weighs value for money more than anything else!
  6. Better management – A company managing its affairs better will soar high.
  7. Quality – Lastly, the quality of your work and services will work its mojo.

These are also the key points your construction brand should be known for.

  • Budget and Strategy – Two Important pillars of Branding

When you think of branding, you know you have to shell out money. How much is the question? So, when you are deciding how much money to spend on your brand, its better you know what you are paying for. As per branding and marketing experts, a company should spend 10-25% of their overall revenue on branding and marketing.

So, if you are planning a logo by an in-house designer, it will not be of the same quality reason being that the in-house designer will work as per your instruction. But a professional designer who is working with a branding service provider firm will give you an insight into how the logo should be designed to speak for your brand.

Strategize your branding plan with all the budgeting issues. Step by step create a plan looking into your company’s earnings, expenditure, and profit. What are you going to spend on your branding, will affect your overall marketing strategy. Creating brand awareness through social media and other marketing channels is also a part of the construction branding strategy. Don’t forget this!

  • Explore your Industry, not without knowing the Target Audience

Whether it’s a construction industry or any other business, knowing the target audience and the industry, especially competitors, is a must. In the construction industry, customers usually have only one gripe, and that is the quality of work. Consumers/Clients/Customers make decisions solely on the kind of work a particular firm is delivering – that’s how the trust develops. A construction company can encourage the customers to think of them by making their presence felt online. If you are an architectural firm, then a sleek website with images will impress your customers more than an informative website.

Now, the question arises, how to position your construction brand in the industry where competition is not less, and losing out sometimes means being out of business. As mentioned earlier, influence your customers with a positive approach and quality work. Your takers will automatically position you with the perception they have (obviously, created by you) in the market and industry.

More prominent construction firms, who choose to cater to the niche, often go with positioning statements, giving an impression to the customer that the brand is a giant conglomerate. Small businesses try to provide a personal touch to the positioning statements so that their potential customers believe and relate to them.

  • Promote your Experts – your Company’s Heroes

CSR activities and sponsoring events are passé. Nowadays, companies should focus on inside gems, the company’s heroes, experts who have been working for years, and carry the brand name on their sleeves. While you are branding your company, market your best team members.

Yes, because a specialist in the team will make sure your customers have somebody they can trust. You must have read: “Good vibes only” in many places. That’s what an expert brings to your company. Most of the contractor’s websites show the pictures of their star employees from the job site. If you are into services, then take your best peeps to the trade shows, and also open their social media accounts through which they can connect to the audience and reap kind words for the company. People trust those companies who value their employees and reward them for good work.

  • Stand for something Unique – a Purpose, a Belief

Do you know some of the big brands have something unique – a purpose, a cause or a belief to show their support. Some do charity, and some stand for causes like human rights, women’s rights, etc. The cause usually is intrinsic to the very core of the company’s own set of values. You can even have your political view on display, better not to indulge in something controversial. One non-construction company doing it with elan is Microsoft, with its Foundation, working for the underprivileged. Construction Company Caterpillar stands for sustainability, which is very essential for today’s ecological situation. California-based PG&E – Pacific Gas and Electric Company have initiative Save Energy & Money. Even if you are a small business, you can have your values integrated with one cause and stand by it no matter what. Show some mettle whether big or small.

  • What is the Importance of Brand Building for a Construction Company?

Your brand is not what your company or organization think they are! Your brand is what exists in the minds of your customers. It is the perseverance through which you deliver; values you stand for. It is what your company sees in the future, and wants to achieve. It is also how your employees feel working for you. When it comes to branding your construction firm, you also have to think about the promises your brand is making to the customer, and how they will perceive it. Do we need to say more about how brand building is important for a construction company? To make your construction company a brand online, stay true to what your company stands for.

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