SEO for Construction Companies: 7 Tips to Grow Business & Get Leads

Must know SEO tips to improve your construction business
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Check out these SEO Tips to Scale up your Construction Business

Marketing a construction company without giving time for SEO can be like walking on thin ice. You can slip, fall and can get hurt at any time. In this blog, we will discuss a few SEO tips to increase business and get leads. Digital marketing for a construction company is not just about outbound marketing, but also inbound marketing.  This is why SEO is such an important technique that not only encourages customers to come to your website but also converts leads into buyers.

 1. Know your customers in a new way for your SEO efforts to bear fruit

An SEO specialist for a construction company will have a bullet-proof plan for improving the business and getting leads. But all his/her efforts will fall flat if the profiling of the target audience is not properly done. Yes, many times, business owners think they know their customers. But do they?

First, comes the personal background of the customer. Consider these points:

  • Education
  • Demographics
  • Career

Then, comes the professional background

  • Company
  • The industry they are working in
  • What is their role/job title
  • Who do they report to?
  • Do they handle a team?
  • What tools/software do they use?
  • Do you know the required skills for their job?
  • What are the parameters in which their job is measured?

Next would be their online searches

  • What are the sources from where they are getting their information?
  • Is it social media/blogs or any other digital platform?
  • What are the topics they get engaged in commenting and sharing?
  • How do they buy online?
  • What are their searches?
  • Do they look for products only after reading reviews?
  • Why are they buying?
  • Do they trust businesses with their buys?

If construction marketing SEO is the goal, then knowing your respective customers through their buying persona is a must. You can start with your existing customers if clueless. A company that has the edge over others in the local market, should go for local SEO services. Laced with advanced SEO techniques, a local construction marketing SEO agency can prove to be the right choice to get web optimization done.

2. Don’t do bulk content for a construction company’s content strategy

Content strategy is an inevitable part of strategizing marketing for a construction company through SEO. It was and will remain one of the best methods for a successful SEO strategy. So, what is new! Well, don’t forget you are in the construction industry. While mass, holistic content is the demand for shopping websites, e-commerce, publications, bloggers, and media companies, it is not that necessary for a construction company.

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construction companies have always been dependent on traditional marketing, and when it comes to digital marketing, it need not be content strategy-oriented. Instead, a business owner/marketer/SEO expert should focus on optimizing their brand through other websites, getting backlinks, video promotions, guest blogging for popular construction journals, conducting webinars, and hosting seminars. Most importantly, they should create content that humanizes their brand and builds its brand reputation as a reliable construction company.

3. Keyword research should support content strategy

What would search engine optimization be if not for proper keyword research? Everyone knows SEO starts with keywords. Well, keywords are not just plain keywords anymore; there are layers and sub-layers to keyword searches.

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For example, if you are a construction company in Texas that does interiors and remodeling, then your primary keyword would be remodeling construction company in Texas or interior decorators in Texas. The other layer is of the secondary keywords which could be “home decorators near you” or “low-cost home remodeling ideas.” And, then, there are keyword clusters. With changing Google algorithms, keyword clusters have to be chosen wisely to drive traffic. Here is an example of a keyword cluster:

keyword research

Not just keyword clusters, optimizing question-based keywords is the new way to do SEO. On Google searches, you will find a “People also ask” section with questions related to keywords. These kinds of keywords are the base of voice searches. Sample this keyword set now: “Who is the best remodeling contractor near me?” “Where can I find interior designing ideas for bedrooms?”

The right approach to the keyword strategy would be not to ignore these question-format keywords.

4. Use Google Reviews to establish trust in your construction brand 

Asking for feedback from your clients and customers in lieu of your excellent services may seem a desperate public relations exercise, but it is actually about SEO. Ask your clients to give feedback and star ratings on Google as well as on sites like Yelp, Trust Pilot and even on your social media profiles. A good review bridges the gaps that exist in a customer’s buying cycle. These reviews play a significant role in a customer’s decision making process.

Also, don’t forget to list your business on Yelp and other directories.  Responding to the reviews and connecting with customers on other platforms is utterly essential. Websites with good rankings and reviews are Google’s favorite, and they indirectly help in SEO to improve website visits and gradually increase leads and sales.

5. Include your contact information in the “Contact Us” section

Local SEO is important for a construction company, and there is no doubt about it. The best way to achieve it is by adding contact information in the “Contact Us” section. Many companies just put an official phone number and an email-id of a contact person or a general email id. However, the right thing would be to add not just a landline number but also a mobile number of the business owner or any other senior official who gets business leads. A map attached to it will also be a good move for pushing SEO demographically.

6. Not all web pages should be crawled and vice versa

Every marketer and SEO expert knows that internal pages on a website and service pages where relevant information has been put should be crawled. And, it is necessary as your service pages act as an introduction for your clients and customer to your business. But there are pages on your website that shouldn’t be crawled by Google.

For example, there is a construction e-commerce website that provides renting and selling of equipment. This company faces a shortage of one particular kind of tool and doesn’t want visitors to come to the page as it will impact the brand image and sales of other products. What should this website do? There is this file called robots.txt file and website managers use it to give instructions to bots, who come to crawl the pages of the website.

The following command will not allow bots to crawl on your site page:

User-agent: *


It is crucial for website owners to know what needs to crawled and what doesn’t. It is suggestible that pages with low-to-no content shouldn’t be allowed to be crawled when Google looks for relevant information and content.

7. Social Media supports and boosts SEO

It has always been debatable whether a construction company needs to be on fancy social media platforms or not. But, going by the current trends and changes in digital marketing, it is important because every social media platforms offer business accounts with many useful features. If LinkedIn is getting you connected with an array of professionals, a Facebook business profile helps you get connected with customers. Putting across the right brand message on social media boosts SEO organically, generates brand awareness, creates a positive brand image, and supports brand reputation.

Please don’t forget that many users search for a company’s social media profile first, before they visit a company’s website.

When running a construction business, there are a lot of ifs and buts. A construction company demands not only capital but also time. Given this situation, don’t you think that your marketing budget should also be scaled up? With the right goals and advanced SEO techniques, a construction company many businesses can start profiting simply by having a website.

As you foray into your SEO strategy with marketing and branding, don’t miss out on these seven SEO tips to grow your business and get leads. Web optimization doesn’t assure lead conversion – a truth – but it definitely makes the lead-chasing easy and swift. All you need is to give it time.

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