How to Outsource Content and Retain Your Construction Brand Voice

Preserve Your Construction Brand Voice with these Tips
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Follow these Tips to Protect and Retain your Brand Voice 

Almost every kind of marketing that you do, involves some amount of content. And if you want to scale up your marketing efforts, you will need to develop and push out more content. Many construction companies end up outsourcing their content as it is less expensive than hiring someone in-house. But this process comes with its own drawbacks as it brings with it, the possibility of diluting what makes your voice yours. By the end of this article you will know how to outsource your content without losing your brand voice. 

You have probably noticed that your competitors are able to publish lots of content in a small amount of time. This is not because they have an army of content writers typing away frantically, but because they outsource their content. 

If you want to establish yourself as an expert in the construction industry, you should continuously push out more content. High-value content like blogs and articles are especially important.  

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What is a brand voice?

A brand voice is the personality of your construction companyIt encompasses everything from the words and language you use, to the kind of images you use and your marketing assets. Your brand voice will reflect in all communications including advertisements, slogans, emails, blog posts, and visuals. Your brand tone on the other hand is what you say through your writing and how you say it. 

How to Preserve your Brand Voice When You Outsource Content

When your prospects and customers read a piece of your content, you want them to be able to think of you. Ideally, they will be able to do so even if you haven’t indicated that you have written it. While content writers working in-house will be able to produce content that reflects your brand through practice, it will be harder for other writers to do so. Here is how you can outsource content without losing your brand voice. 

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Define your brand voice

The first step in ensuring that your brand voice is maintained when you outsource content, is by defining your brand voice. Come up with a few adjectives or words that best describe your company. Think of your values, goals, mission, and the type of audience you are catering to. If you need help defining this voice, you can ask the next best group of people – your audience. You can take a simple poll on social media or via an email campaign asking them how they would describe your brand, what adjectives they would use to define your brand, and whether they like your tone. 

Create a brand style guide

A brand style guide is like a book of rules on everything that makes up your brand voice. It will help anyone who is writing for you, maintain consistency in your content. Make surto include information about your brand like your mission, vision, values, goals, audience and competitors. Clearly define your brand attributes, tone and style. Include samples of content that represents your brand as well as samples of content you don’t want. For example, if one of your brand attributes is reliability, then the tone of your writing can be knowledgeable, authoritative, and confident. 

Choose the right topics

With your brand voice and tone in place, you may think that you can write about anything and everything under the sun related to the construction industry. This would be a big mistake though. You should research subjects and topics that are in line with your construction brand’s values, mission, and goals. If you are a company that supplies fixtures for example, you should develop and curate content that is related to fixtures. 

Use appropriate voice when necessary

While being consistent with your voice and tone is important, you may find that you may have to modify one or both depending on the situation. In some circumstances, like your message, type of platform, or even your audience itself, you may need to use a slightly different brand voice or tone. For example, if your construction brand is more authoritative and you are trying to create a written do-it-yourself guide, you won’t want to sound too serious or preachy. These types of guides are usually informal and cheery so that they are more interesting and easier to read. 

Have someone check all copy

In spite of sharing a guide and instructions when you outsource your content, there is a chance that your brand voice barely reflects in the content or is undetectable at all. Assign a senior content writer or editor to check all content that comes from outsourcingThis person doesn’t have to work in-house, it can even be someone in the company that you are outsourcing to. But having one person check all of this content will ensure that there is uniformity. If any modifications or changes are required to be added, this individual can ensure that it is done.. 

You should maintain the same voice for your construction business across channels. This applies whether it’s on social media, your website or email communications. If your voice or tone changes, your audience may feel like they are being deceived or that you are being dishonest with them. So, always ensure that you outsource content without losing your brand voice. Consistently monitor your audience’s engagement so that you can make changes wherever required. 

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