How a Construction Company can Improve Facebook Ad Performance?

how to improve facebook ad performance for a construction company?

5 Simple Ways to Improve your Facebook Ad Performance

When 93% of marketers use FB advertising, isn’t it worth spending on Facebook ads! Going by the trend, currently, Facebook Advertising is the cheapest form of advertising. Yes, you can spend as little as $5 and can reach out to more than a thousand people. However, many don’t want to invest in Facebook ads citing reasons like fewer leads and money getting exhausted without showing any results. It’s the usual notion that Facebook ad campaigns are no less a money pit. Here we will talk about how a construction company can improve Facebook ad performance by following a few easy steps.

Facebook advertising is not a killjoy, as many business owners think. One needs to be strategically cautious with the marketing plan. Your construction company’s Facebook ad performance will depend on a lot of factors.

Facebook marketing for construction companies is not simple like it will be for a restaurant or a clothes boutique; that’s why a marketer needs to be super creative with the Facebook ads.

What are the Sure-Shot Ways to Improve Facebook ad Performance for a Construction Company

For conceptualizing concrete Facebook marketing ads, one needs to answer these questions, first:

  • Did you choose the right campaign objective?
  • Is your ad campaign relevant to the target audience?
  • Did you choose the right ad placements?
  • Are you targeting the right audience?
  • Did you set the right bid amount?
  • Is your content flawless!
  • Does your ad stand out, or is it easy to miss?
  • Where are you directing leads? To the landing page or homepage?
  • Does your ad grab attention, or is it easy to miss!
  • Is your audience experiencing ad fatigue

If the answers to all these questions are mostly “NO,” then you need to check what is going wrong with the Facebook advertising strategy. Here are the simple ways to fix and improve your Facebook ad performance:

1. Do Facebook Ads Split-test

Split tests or A/B testing is not just for a website; it applies to Facebook ads too. What do you do in a split test? Create two different versions of one ad. The difference between the two can be an image, ad text, or format. Then you need to do the following:

Split your section of the audience and run both the ads to half of the section. Let the ad run for a considerable time otherwise, you will not be able to gauge the results. Once you can see the data, analyze, and compare the performance of each ad.

Split test your facebook ads

You can post the successful ad to the rest of the target audience.

Your Facebook business account will have an ad manager section that has a split test feature. It allows you to create multiple ad sets and pit them against each other. This way, your Facebook ad management will work wonders.

2. Check for Ad fatigue

First, let us explain to you what is called Ad fatigue? When your target audience is seeing your company’s ads too many times, know that they have hit a saturation. There will be a constant drop in click-throughs, and it is obvious your audience is also getting peeved, seeing the same set of ads again and again. Probably, some of them have even been converted to leads. This phenomenon is called Ad fatigue.

Signals of Ad Fatigue

How to control this? Facebook ad manager calculates the frequency of your ads by dividing the number of unique times the ads were displayed, called the “impressions”, by the number of individual users your ads reached out to the audience, the “reach.” This will tell you how many times your ad is showing to each user. The best way to beat ad fatigue is to have different ad versions. Optimize the ad frequency by showing more ads; give fewer chances to the audience to see the same advertisement. Ad fatigue should be the prime focus when doing Facebook ad management.

3. Schedule your FB ads to leverage

Didn’t you notice how at the beginning of every month, online retailers will have ads specifically mentioning the payday? Riding on the “paycheck effect” the cashing on big time as the customers are more willing to pay around the starting of the month. The paycheck effect is one of the trends; likewise, you can notice various patterns if you have run a good number of campaigns for your construction business. If you have just started, be patient, and monitor the competitor’s ads.

Facebook Ad Scheduling

As far as Facebook is concerned, you can schedule ads to run at a specific time. After you crack down the apt time to post the advertisements, you can reap the benefits.

4. Watch your Facebook Ad placements

You know now when to schedule your ad, but do you know how to place your ads. While you are scratching your head over the cost of running Facebook ads, you need to bother only about one thing, and that is ad placement.

If you place your ad right, you will get better results in terms of clicks and conversions. And to find out what would be the right way to place ads, better you run tests and don’t put the ads randomly anywhere. If your ad is performing poorly due to wrong placement of ads, you will be able to check it on Ads Manager. In the “Ads” tab, you can see “Breakdown” and then click on “Placements” to see the performance of each ad. Ads manager reveals metrics like reach, impressions, and cost per click.

Facebook Ad Placement

On Facebook, placements of ads happen on the following:

  • Feed
  • Right column
  • Marketplace
  • Instant Articles
  • In-stream videos
  • Stories

5. Facebook Remarketing is the trick

Did you ever notice how the ads of your most searched online retail websites keep popping up even when you are not doing online shopping? The ads are like everywhere and recently have started showing up on feeds. That is what remarketing is. It means remarketing to customers that have already visited your website or have already been converted to a lead.

Facebook remarketing

How a Facebook marketer find out a way to do remarketing? Through customer lists, app activity, and website traffic. Remarketing is one of the prime reasons why Facebook is good for marketing. Since Instagram now is with Facebook, remarketing can also happen in a big way on Insta.

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The first requirement for having an unbeaten run of a Facebook ad campaign is deciding the goal, whether it’s brand awareness or lead generation or other. Next is being particular about what is being offered to the target audience. With an understanding of the motto behind the ad campaign and the better knowledge of the audience, you will be able to have the best insights on running Facebook ads which are exceptional in performance.

This is how a construction company can improve Facebook ad performance. However, this not the last and the least. Coming to the conclusion; don’t fear Facebook advertising. Any day, it will cost you quite less than any other traditional marketing/advertising method. That’s why advertise on Facebook in 2020, too, as social media is going bigger with every passing year.

With changing times, rules of advertising are also bending. For all the riddles related to how social media marketing for construction companies work, come to CMGurus. With our certified construction marketing enthusiasts, we can do wonders for your overall marketing strategy.