The Definitive Guide to Instagram Marketing for Construction in 2020

How You Can Market Your Construction Business on Instagram in 2020
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Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Construction Company

No matter which category of industry your company falls in, Instagram is another tool that you can use to market your business. The platform has so many different ways for you to share content. You can upload images and videos as permanent posts along with captions or as 24-hour stories to which text can also be added. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. This is why we created the definitive guide to Instagram marketing for construction businesses in 2020. 

Instagram might have begun as a platform for people to share images with their friends and followers but today, using Instagram for marketing has become less of a choice and more of a necessity. If you are not using the social media network to market your company, you are probably missing out on creating brand awareness, a number of leads, and possibly even sales! 

Instagram Business allows business accounts to do just that. Businesses can monitor everything in their account, including stories, posts, and followers. Business accounts can even create, launch and monitor ads. 

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing is how brands connect with their target audience and showcase what they offer. Similar to other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, users have a profile and a newsfeed. Users interact by following other users, liking images, commenting on images, and through private messages. Users can upload photos and videos to their profiles with various filters along with captions. 

Make the most of Instagram to market your business in 2020

There are so many things that Instagram can do for your business. From uploading stories to creating Instagram ads and posting videos, Instagram lets you do it allWe have compiled a list of Instagram marketing tips that will aid your construction marketing efforts in 2020. 

Analyze your competitors’ accounts

Identify your main competitors and try to find their Instagram accounts. Monitor the types of content they post, how often they post, what hashtags they use, and their engagement rate. Also note the kinds of posts your competitors are making. You can use your findings in your own content strategy and decide the kind of posts you should be making for your own followers. 

Create albums with multiple photos

Instagram allows users to create albums and attach up to 10 images and videos per album. These albums can be used in several ways, whether it’s to document the progression of a project from beginning to end, the steps in construction process, or end of the week roundup posts. If you are posting a collection of images from a single project, the album can serve as a portfolio. The carousel format is also similar to ad carousels. So you can post about new products, new services and client testimonials. 

Upload video content

Time lapses and sped-up videos of construction sites are great ways to rake in views. Drone videos are also becoming extremely popular on construction sites. In addition to sharing video content as posts on your account, Instagram supports live video in stories. So you can include a tour of your office or a walk-through for a new project. You can even set up a countdown reminder in your stories so that interested followers can set reminders to watch your live video. And for those who do miss your live video, you can share it to your stories. If you’d rather that the video stayed around for a while, you can add these stories to your highlights. 

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Give sneak peeks

The majority of your followers follow your account because they want updates about your construction business or have worked with you in the past. This is the same audience that would love to be the first to hear about new developments, product launches, or new services that you have. You could be working on building a pool for a house in an upscale locality with great views of the city. Take a picture close to sunset so that people can have a unique view. These kinds of posts make your followers feel exclusive, as they are getting to see sneak peeks that others are not. And your Instagram account is a great platform through which you can share these updates.

Go behind the scenes

Your customers and followers need to know that there is more to your business than just making money and constructing. Behindthescenes videos humanize your account and show the people side of your construction brand. You can share images or videos of construction workers and crews on job sites, show the planning involved in projects, and include individuals who are usually not featured on company social media accounts, like the janitor or receptionist. 

Add relevant hashtags to posts

Hashtags are ways for people to categorize and find content on a specific topic through keywords. By adding hashtags to your posts, you give Instagram users a way to find posts marked with the same hashtags. Follow relevant hashtags or manually type them into search and see what the top posts are under each. You will get some idea of what kind of content you should be sharing. Use 3-5 niche hashtags including local hashtags, the name of your brand, and create unique ones for individual campaigns.

Use Instagram marketing tools

Instagram marketing tools are used by businesses to automate posts, monitor analytics, amplify post reach, view performance metrics, and create a posts calendar. These tools allow you to leverage Instagram in the best way that you can. Some tools may have most of these features or only some of them. Some tools are free, while others require payment to use. Depending on the needs of your business, you can decide which ones you want to use. 

Instagram marketing does not need to be hard. All you need is a social media strategy and a list of goals that you would like to achieve from the platform. With a phone, you can easily take good quality images and videos, and post them on your feed. Connect better with your audience and bring in more awareness and leads for your brand.

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