Why and How A/B Testing is Important for your Construction Business

CMGurus blog on Why and how A/B testing is important for your construction business?
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Why doing A/B testing is good for construction marketing efforts

Do you know a mere 95-98 percent of visitors coming to your website convert? Your conversion funnel tells you whether your website is fetching good traffic and converting visitors. And how the conversion is happening can be determined by A/B testing. So, if you mean business, then converting those visits becomes crucial. It is important to know why and how A/B testing is important for your construction business.

What do you think makes a visitor to your construction website convert to a buyer or a client? The more visitors you have, the better the chances of scaling up your business. But before that, these visitors need to convert, and the rate at which this conversion happens is called conversion rate. And optimizing this conversion rate is called Conversion Rate Optimization. A marketer can do conversion rate optimization with the use of A/B testing, and there are other benefits too. But, first, you should understand the following questions:

What is A/B testing in digital marketing?

Why should you do A/B testing? What are the benefits?

What are the various A/B testing tools?

How is A/B testing done?

What is A/B testing?

Like the name which carries a versus already, A/B testing is nothing but split testing. The definition of A/B testing can be easily summed up as a way to test how optimizing your website funnel can yield better results. For this test, two variants are created, be it a web-page, e-mail or ad campaign. Both the options now go through the litmus test, which means that the two versions are shown to two groups of visitors at the same time.

Both variants are different in terms of look and content. One of the landing pages will perform better than the other, by attracting a bigger audience and driving more conversions Use the winning design as your final landing page, and optimize if you have to for good results. A/B testing impact on SEO is also tremendous. We will learn about this in the coming section.

Why is A/B Testing necessary?

You can easily gauge what the customers like on website pages, ads or emails through A/B testing. Giving them the option is the right way to do it. Human minds are wired to look for options, and this fact works for a split test. However, if you think that there is a sure-shot formula instead of an A/B test, there isn’t one.

Every construction business will have a different set of clients and customers, and there’s no regular formula that will work for all of them. To decide which website design is better,what email will make a reader click on your CTA or which product will interest your prospect in an ad, you will have to use A/B testing.

Here are a few factors to give you a better understanding of why A/B testing is important for your construction business:

1. Solving the visitor’s problem 

Your construction website opens doors to visitors who have various needs. All of them have the intention to get something out of their visit to your website, but their goals are different, So, while some choose to browse, others may want to have a look at your products and services to compare, and some may want to make a purchase. Whatever they wish for, every visitor is a potential customer, and they might face issues while going through your web page.

This can be anything design- or content-related. And, to improve the user experience which is the main motto of any website, A/B testing gets essential. Conversion rates get affected by many things. Understand visitor behavior through tools like Google Analytics, heatmaps, website surveys, and plan split tests to give them what they are seeking. This will help to increase conversions.

2. Try new changes with confidence 

You might want to include something new, give a fresh look, or debut a feature. But uou can’t do this right away. Give a thought first about how this can be achieved without changing much of the existing web page. Try the new feature or the new look as an A/B test on the web page and see what the result is. Testing the changes first is a good option in comparison to making changes directly on the web page.

3. A/B testing statistics help in strategy 

A/B testing is all about statistics and data. The conversion rate shows you the numbers and through it, you can determine the best variant. The performance indicators you should be looking at include click-through rate, bounce rate, cart abandonment rate, and others. Making changes as per A/B testing is decided by numbers, not a guessing game.

4. Effortlessly Redesign your Website  

Coming up with a website that works is no less a task, and it will not always happen at one go. Website designers know the drill very well. The decision of which version is best should always be dependent on A/B testing. It is advisable not to do it just once, but also once after the final version goes live. Test elements like the CTA button, color combinations, and the placement of the text and sections. An appealing design will make for an interesting and engaging version. With the changing times, do the test again to include the new trends in website design to improve user experience.

What are the benefits of A/B Testing?

There are high chances that your A/B test fails, and in some cases, you might have to spend more to do these tests again. And the potential for converting more people will greatly increase. Below are some of the benefits of A/B Testing:

1. Driving traffic to the landing page 

A/B testing has an impact on SEO. Testing SEO landing pages can give you an insight into various aspects of a web page. The elements that can be tested are the headline, sales copy, product descriptions, call to action, and graphics being used to initiate sales. You will even get a clear idea of what needs optimization before doing the test. Elements like the title tag, H1 and H2 headings, keywords, and external links should be optimized.

2. Higher Conversion Rate 

With the split test, you can try different design elements like the placement of your CTA to make the button or anchor text more clickable. These changes will result in a rise in the number of visitors filling up the forms on your website, resulting in more leads.

3. Lower Bounce Rate 

For any construction website, a high bounce rate is an issue. Through A/B testing, you can combat this problem. For example, a construction website can have several pages, and most sites have a different section and page dedicated to their projects. These pages need to hold the attention of your clients and customers.

Test different sections of your website, especially service pages, blog posts, images, and fonts, to reduce the bounce rate.

4. Lower the rate of Shopping Cart Abandonment 

For construction firms into e-commerce, the phenomenon of “shopping cart abandonment” is nothing new. Use the split test to check designs, photos of the products, placement of the product line, the appearance of the entire online shop, the look of your “make payment” button and other factors to lower the abandonment rate.

What are the various A/B Testing tools?

There are various tools available for A/B testing to choose from. Optimize your copy, product pages, landing pages, website design, PPC ad campaigns, and emails to serve your customers. Below is a list of the most amazing A/B Testing tools of 2020 that can help you with your construction marketing strategy in a big way:

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  • HubSpot’s A/B Testing Kit
  • A/B Optimizely
  • VWO
  • Omniconvert
  • AB Tasty
  • Convert
  • Freshmarketer
  • Crazy Egg

We will discuss how these tools work and their USP in upcoming blogs. As a construction business owner, it is crucial to understand that A/B testing doesn’t happen in a day; it’s a process. You will need to try to come up with variants to the best of your abilities. This is a challenge that can be time-consuming and data-driven.

Getting the best SEO for construction companies is an uphill task, but it’s worth the pain as only an SEO expert will understand your goal and how to strategize your efforts. A/B testing is important for your construction business and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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