Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies – Why You Should Invest in It

Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies
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Why Social Media Is Crucial for Construction Companies

Social media marketing should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Period. Using social media marketing for construction companies is essential to boost awareness, reach, and sales for your company. Every business now, irrespective of its size, industry, or service, should have a social media presence on at least a few social media platforms. 

Social media networks are all about being “social.” This means that you should interact and engage with your followers. These platforms can also be used to help you analyze your competition, share relevant content and monitor results. Fortunately, it is very easy to use these platforms to do exactly these things.

Why you should invest in social media marketing for your construction company 

While construction and social media may not sound like the best combination, social media platforms are great ways for you to connect and engage with potential clients and to see what other companies are doing to help their businesses as well. Social media works best to also bring in more leads. 

These are some other reasons why you need to do social media marketing for construction companies: 

Reach specific audiences through different social media channels

There is a different type of audience on every social media platform. So, instead of wasting money marketing your business to every single user, you can just reach your target audience through highly targeted demographics. This will help to drive traffic to your site. Just remember that each social media platform requires different types of content in different formats. So whether you are cross-posting with small tweaks or creating different posts for each platform, keep in mind your audience, message, and the platform itself.

Spend less to advertise to your target audience effectively

Social media offers very high return on investment (ROI) for advertising and marketing. This ensures that even small businesses can maintain a social media presenceengage with customers, and make more sales. ROI can be easily measured by dividing your investment by the total number of sales you make. After the end of a campaign, you can gather data and results to calculate your ROI. In this way you can constantly monitor and re-strategize your marketing efforts to make better use of your budget.

Easily establish yourself as an expert in the industry 

Establishing your company as one of the experts in the construction industry is what you should strive to achieve. Many businesses can struggle for years to get to such a position. But by using the right combination of techniques, if done right, can establish your brand as a leader. This includes knowing your audience, creating content that they find valuable, sharing your work, connecting with influencers, and interacting with more established businesses. Another way to do this is by sharing articles from your blog. 

Increase inbound marketing to your website

Social media provides an additional opportunity to direct inbound traffic to your website. So while these platforms are mainly used to generate more brand awareness and engagement, they can also drive traffic to your website. If your content is high quality and offers value for your target audience, the more engagement you will receive. With more website traffic, you will also make more sales. Because once someone is on your site, you will have the opportunity to convert them into leads, especially if your website is optimized for conversions. 

Engage directly with your audience 

Social media allows you to connect directly with your audience in real-timeIf you regularly share high-quality content, your followers will continue to interact with your posts and with each other. This will ideally lead to community-building. The comments that they leave along with reviews (if the platform supports it) will give you real-time feedbackAdditionally, you can quickly answer questions through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is called social customer service. 

Share before and after pictures

A great way to showcase your construction skills and work is by sharing before and after pictures of any projects that you are working on. These images will serve as a portfolio in themselves as people will be able to see your work. If people like your work, it will become easy for them to share around their circles. Just be sure to take permission from the property owner beforehand. 

Social media marketing ideas for construction companies on different platforms

In addition to the tips mentioned aboveit is also important to understand the importance and uses of each individual social media platform. The big three – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are the social media platforms on which you can market your construction business betterConstruction companies can promote their products and services, increase brand awareness, and provide customer care. 

Facebook Marketing – Interact and keep in touch with clients

As the undisputed king of social media, if your business is not on the platform, you may have just dug your own grave. With over two billion users, you can easily market to a larger audience. You can use insights to monitor campaigns, respond directly to customer messages, and interact with your followers through your posts. In the “About” section, your customers can easily find how to contact you. And from your timeline, visitors and followers can share your posts. For those wanting quick information, they can inbox you with queries. It is also easy and affordable to launch ads and interact directly with customers.
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LinkedIn Marketing – Network and connect with industry professionals

Unlike on other social media platforms, LinkedIn is meant for professionals. Businesses can register as a “Company Page” and join groups. You can also view and monitor “Company Page analytics,” which lets you view engagement on individual posts, page traffic and follower demographics. LinkedIn is perfect to connect with industry experts and other construction businesses through InMail. You can also list opportunities within your company and network for work that needs to be done on new projects. 

Twitter Marketing – Share quick info and get to know influencers

When tweeting, use two to three hashtags per tweet, not more than that. When you receive replies to your tweets, send replies back! You can use Twitter tools to post and Twitter analytics to see how many people clicked on your tweets. Additionally you can also view impressions and see how many are engaging with you outside of your follower count. Twitter is great to share quick tips, and to connect with influencers in the construction industry. Don’t forget to make use of relevant hashtags to reach people who are interested in specific topics.

Like any other marketing channel, using any one social media alone will not be enough if used as your sole marketing tactic. It will be much more effective as part of your broader construction marketing strategy. But individually, it is an affordable and effective way to do marketing. Overall, this is why social media for construction companies is so essential. 

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