The Latest Facebook Algorithm Changes and How to Increase Engagement

The Biggest Facebook Algorithm Changes in 2020
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Facebook Algorithm Changes and the Changes You Should Make to Your Facebook Strategy

For a long time now, Facebook’s algorithm has prioritized posts from friends and familyAnd now, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Facebook has made even more changes. This includes a delay in the moderation process for ad reviews and a ban on ads that seek to capitalize on virus fears. The most significanFacebook algorithm changes in 2020 include transparency, privacy, and improving user experience.  

While the Facebook algorithm is not the only factor that decides which posts a user sees, it is one of the most critical factors. Marketers who are not aware of these changes will find it more challenging to get their content to appear in front of people. 

Why you should invest in social media marketing for your construction business

How Facebook ranks posts in 2020

Using social media for construction companies is a great way to gain more leads and followers. Facebook looks at different factors before it decides which posts to show users. It takes into consideration past user behavior like the type of posts that were liked, posts they shared with their friends, and the groups they interacted with the most. 

These factors are called “ranking signals.” And the main ranking signals in 2020, according to Facebook are: 

  • the people, accounts and posts users interact with most, 
  • the type of media in the post (photo, video, link, etc.), and 
  • the popularity of the post 

How to Increase Post Engagement on Facebook

If you are already posting on Facebook, it is likely that you already have a Facebook marketing strategy for your construction business in place. And the good news is that you won’t have to change much of your strategy to accommodate the algorithm changes. Here are some ways to get your followers to interact with your Facebook content: 

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Create content that starts conversations

As mentioned before, the Facebook algorithm considers whether a user has engaged with one of your posts before. This could be in the form of a click, a like, or a share. This will affect the reach of your future posts. Remember that to engage usersyour content should not just be about you. Post about the latest trendin the construction industryshare user-generated content, and inspirational quotes to keep them interested. 

Post when your audience is online

Posting at random times of the day will not get you engagement. Check your Facebook Page Insights tgain an insight of when your posts perform bestYou can see the reach and engagement for every post under “Posts.” Publish at the time of day you identify that most people are online. The closer you share content to the time that most of your audience is online, the more people will see and interact with it.  

Be consistent and regular

How often you post on social media, influences how high up in the newsfeed your posts are placed. Your industry and type of business will determine how often you post. The general rule is to share content no more than two times in a day. And you should post no less than three times a week. Posting a high number of times is better left to larger businesses, so refrain from posting excessively in a day, or it may seem like spam. 

Interact more on the platform 

Join construction-related groups on Facebook and make posts that will get people to interact. You can also leave comments and like the comments that others leave on posts. When a user leaves a comment on your content, reply immediately. Timely responses are expected now, whether it’s to a comment or a direct message. In fact, a lot of customer service also takes place on social media these days. 

The way businesses market on Facebook continues to change and evolve every year. Whether you are a marketer or business owner, you should keep an eye out for changes in customer behavior. Stay up to date with Facebook algorithm changes in 2020 and beyond. Your audience will only continue to come online more and more. So, you need to ensure that your content appeals to them and keep them engaged. 

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