How Lead Generation With Facebook for Contractors Works

How contractors can benefit from Facebook advertising
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Facebook is Helpful for General Contractors to Get More Leads!

Did you know Facebook is the number one ad channel for both B2B and B2C companies? Social media is an excellent revenue generator with more leads coming to you mainly through Facebook. But most contractors are doubtful about Facebook marketing for lead generation. They don’t have time to track their Facebook postings and run ad campaigns.  You are into building and remodeling, and that’s your focus, but managing Facebook ads is not something everyone can or wants to do. You are a contractor first and a marketer second. So, now we can get into how lead generation with Facebook for contractors works.

Why and When a Contractor Should do Facebook Marketing

Don’t be surprised when we tell you that 94% of social media marketers use Facebook to advertise ads and other promotional activities. So, as a general contractor, Facebook marketing should also benefit you. Facebook advertising is indeed the most prominent way to market and brand a construction company. And this is a requirement for all construction businesses. How lead generation for contractors works with Facebook is easy enough to understand. And these are some reasons why you should invest in Facebook marketing: 

  • You have a company that has a proven track record of excellent performance.  
  • Do you trust your brand and know that others will also bestow the same virtue on your brand. 
  • You have a website with landing page to convert leads. 
  • Do you offer services worth hundreds of dollars? 
  • You have reliable digital marketing strategists to come up with result-driven campaigns. 
  • Do you understand Facebook marketing or other types of Social media marketing that may take time to bear sweet fruits?  
  • You are open to challenges and changes.  

How to start with Facebook marketing

When you have set your agenda for professional growth through Facebook, proceed wisely. The platform is just one of the mediums that will let you meet your digital marketing goals. Here is a step by step guide on how to use Facebook marketing for lead generation and to understand how lead generation with Facebook for contractors works:

1. Set your goal

As a contractor, you probably don’t start off your workday without a plan. Every day has a list of goals that you would like to achieve. In the same way, Facebook advertising also needs a plan and goals. Promotion of your brand, increasing followers, likes, and generating leads can be your set of goals.  

2. Branding on Facebook

The next step is branding on Facebook. After you have set your goals, you should improve or rebrand your Facebook page. Try to have a video from the project on the cover page. Set a tone for the posts. Be entertaining and at the same time, engaging for your target audience. Post about positive reviews about your construction company on Facebook, tagging the clients/customers who left them.  

3. Conceptualizing ads

Now, comes the time to create and conceptualize the ads. If you are clueless about Facebook advertising, a social media marketing agency near you can take away most of your troubles. Because once you have decided to use ads, you need to conceptualize according to Facebook’s ad types. These are the different types of Facebook Ads: 

  • Photo ads

This is the most simple and popular type of Facebook ad. Through a photo ad, you can upload an image and link it to a page on your site. The character limit is 90 for the post description. You can post photos from your job site to make the ad look real and exciting.  

  • Video ads

Video ads need a bit of strategy and staging. Focus on your best service to come up with an ad. Have a team of social media marketers, writers, and videographers to make an ad. You can even use 2D-animated ads that a talented multimedia designer can produce. Our suggestion would be: don’t get carried away, keep it short and sweet.  

  • Carousel ads

This ad is a recent addition to the ad types. Since people love to slideshows when it comes to consuming news or information online, the same concept comes into action in carousel ads. In this ad, you can post a list at one go, whether that content is pictures, products, website pages, or blog posts. It becomes easier for the visitor to swipe through the ad. A contractor can use carousel ads to show multiple products, projects, newsletter subscriptions, or discounts. Any and every type of content can be put into the carousel ad.

  • Lead ads

Lead ads are usually form fill-up ads. You can cut to the chase for the visitor on your website and give out details. Run a lead ad, and you will have the required data of all the people who have shown interest in your company for contractual or remodeling services. These ads show up in the user’s news feed and don’t give the impression of a typical ad.  

  • Boost posts

You can boost any post to get more interaction. A boosted post has high visibility and is organic, but the money used here is the money allocated to the advertising of your company on FacebookAlso, a boosted post works as an ad as it is a promotional act and increases the brand presence on FB. Think before boosting a post because it should be knowledge-worthy for others who are going through the information. If you have a blog on work ethics or safety guidelines on the job site, that kind of blog posts can be boosted to gain popularity.

4. Setting up your ads

Now, you know how ads get conceptualized for an ad campaign. These ads need to be optimized for conversion. After thorough reviews and brainstorming, launch your campaign. Once the ads go livemonitor them on Facebook for analytics. If an advertisement is not performing, you can end the campaign.

What are the factors that lead to a successful ad campaign?

Let’s simplify Facebook marketing for contractors. To run a successful ad campaign on Facebook, a contractor needs some knowledge in social media management, even if he/she is not clear about social media marketing gimmicks. When it comes to what works on Facebook, trusting a social media marketing agency is highly suggested. Here are the factors that make an ad campaign successful:

1. Be real with your goal

You started by setting a goal for your ad campaign. And you and your team as marketers should understand it inside and out. When a customer sees the ad, he/she should have no doubts about what you are offering. Your prospects are the key to a successful ad campaign.  

2. The sales process should be prompt and active

You want the viewer to be a customer. And if the customer is putting trust in your brand, they want to take your service. If your sales process is not active, the customer will turn hopeless. Sometimes they need to be taught about your products and services. And that is done through the FB ad. What follows next is the right assistance to convert the lead.   

3. Don’t ignore the numbers

When your ad metric is in place, you will be able to fetch correct data about your ad campaign. Ads that perform better than others should be at the forefront, to leverage and get you the best results.  

4. Investment on ads

Facebook advertising is suggested strictly when a company is willing to put in money consistently for some time. If your construction company is bothered about the finances being allocated to social media marketing, you should have second thoughts on whether to proceed or not. For a strategy to lure leads, time matters.  

Facebook Marketing for Contractors – Overview of How Lead Generation with Facebook for Contractors Works

The trend of construction companies having a social media presence is catching up fast. Even if you are not doing Facebook advertising and marketing, you have to be present on Facebook for brand recognition and identity. That’s the reason why Facebook marketing for contractors needs to be done with advanced planning and social media strategy. Remember to keep in mind all the aspects of your business as well as your goals.

As a contractor, one should also be cautious of the fact that Facebook ads alone will not be of great advantage to increase sales. Your construction company’s website, along with your design and marketing team’s presentation and persuasion skills, will take Facebook marketing for lead generation to the next level.  

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