Why SEO is Indispensable for Digital Construction Marketing Strategy

Why a construction company needs web optimization

What is SEO in digital marketing? How SEO helps a construction company!

It is not surprising that everyone these days knows that SEO is important for their business. We have clients who want their construction website SEO to be done in a jiffy. To their dismay, it is not possible. SEO takes time and is an ongoing process. What’s more important about SEO is also that it should be a vital part of your construction marketing strategy. If it’s not, you are making a mistake here. In this article, we will decode: Why SEO is indispensable for digital construction marketing strategy.

What is SEO in Digital Marketing?

How does Website Optimization work for a construction company?

What is Inbound marketing? Why it is beneficial for the construction industry?

How does content help in SEO! What is content marketing optimization?

First, let’s start with: What is called SEO? Yes, it is Search Engine Optimization. But what does it actually mean in the digital marketing world! Without SEO, is there any way out!

What is SEO in digital marketing?

SEO is optimizing your website through various channels to rank higher and better on search engines like Bing, Yahoo Search, and especially Google. The SEO works as per keywords. An effective SEO strategy will help a website to appear on the top or first page on search engine results pages (SERPs). It happens when the SEO efforts are in sync with the search engine’s algorithm. And, a SEO expert makes sure it is.

All the search engines run a crawler. The program reads through the content available on your website to find words based on searches done by internet users. All the big firms know the importance of keyword searches, and the construction industry has joined the bandwagon too.

How Digital Marketing for Construction is made easy

How does Website Optimization work for a construction company?

Website optimization is nothing but SEO. In the construction industry, relevant keyword searches would be few but will cater to a particular segment. If yours is a firm working with contractors, the related construction searches examples would be like “contractor services”, “contractor services management” and etc. Building content and google ads around these keywords will help in making a good SEO strategy for the firm. When these popular searches show your firm on the top or on first page, visitors will visit your website, and chances of getting them converted to customers is more, and in comparison to your competitors better.

That’s why SEO or website optimization is indispensable for digital construction marketing strategy and helps your construction business marketing efforts to scale up even if you are not pumping money on traditional methods of advertising and marketing.

Website optimization happens in two ways:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

What is On-page optimization?

On-page optimization, as the name suggests is about SEO tactics applied on the page of the website. It denotes all the actions that can be taken directly on the page to improve rankings and visibility on Google and other search engines.

On-page optimization has various factors, elements that help in its swift working:

  1. Technical Optimization

If yours is a construction company, technical optimization is vital. It depends on three major points. One is Server speed as the search engines evaluate your construction website based on its loading time. Source code contributes a lot to the website performance. It’s always suggested to have a unique IP address, which in a way indicates Google and other search engines that your construction website is unique.

  1. Content

Content, don’t confuse it with just blogs or descriptions. It also refers to texts and images. Content also includes elements that are not visible on the page like alt-tags and meta tags. Graphics, videos and structural text like paragraphs and bullet points are correspondingly critical when it comes to content optimization.

  1. Internal Linking & Structure

A good sitemap is considered to be the most important On-page SEO rule. Other factors are Canonization, URL structure and focused content. If the pages have not-so-useful content, tag them as “noindex”, so that they don’t get indexed on the searches.

  1. Design

Wondering, how is it related to On-page Optimization! A construction website which is not easy to navigate through, and lacks in functionality due to various factors will not perform well on Google. Besides that, mobile optimization these days is highly required. Thus, an SEO strategist, doing construction marketing, should take care of the file sizes getting uploaded on the website.

What is Off-page Optimization?

While On-page SEO includes everything that can be done on the website for better rankings, off-page optimization is everything that is external, and not always in your control. One of the major Off-page optimization tactics is getting back links from other websites. Submitting articles on other popular sites, and guest blogging is a part of it. Promoting your construction website online through ads or social media is another technique of Off-page SEO.

Since a construction company runs on reputation, and it matters a lot for the people associated with it, Off-page SEO is the way to be recognized and earn trust both online and offline. Another aspect of Off-Page optimization is Inbound Marketing.

Marketing for Construction Companies is still going through a digital transformation. Read about it here.

What is Inbound marketing? Why it is beneficial for the construction industry

A very important part of SEO is Inbound Marketing. What is it? Inbound marketing might sound like something of an add-on, but make no mistake, it’s absolutely crucial to keep business hip and happening. Here’s what HubSpot’s findings say: “Inbound tactics generate 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing.”

Now, there is a question that many ask: How inbound marketing can yield results for the construction industry? The best reason for that is, now the customers are aware buyers, who go for suggestive selling and don’t believe in products sold hard to them. They prefer weighing up the pros and cons, and the brand that answers there queries takes care of their doubts and builds trust with their services will be their favorite. All these are achievable when the inbound marketing tactics are in place.

How and where a construction company can start Inbound Marketing:

Go personal – Build your personal social accounts for business

Don’t shy away from your child, which is your business. No matter in which stage of development you are in, flaunt it everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platforms will act as your foundation for the online structure. Use the weapon of personal touch and infuse your confidence in your business to attract customers. What matters is YOU for your business branding.

Content Optimization – Simple and less-expensive

How your prospective clients will find you on search engines if you haven’t put any informative content online for the search engines to locate you? Think, think! Without content, the success of your construction business online would be difficult. Content optimization or say content marketing optimization is a significant pillar of Inbound marketing and SEO. That’s why maintaining a blog, optimized content on the website and other types of content on social media is essential for content marketing. Some may say, blogging is overrated and is not fruitful. However, if you keep the content relevant, exciting and unique – you are on the right track.

Networking and building a following

A lot can happen over a post on social media. Networking would mean being connected to like-minded people and creating a following. Through your blogs too, you can make yourself recognized as a subject expert. Put your blogs on other websites and reach out for more. Publicizing on social media is thus a key tool in construction business marketing.

Image building as reputation matters in the construction industry

In the construction industry, the most important thing to run your business successfully is the reputation, the trust your customers have in your company, and the relationship you foster with other companies; sometimes, these construction companies are clients too. Build your positive image through testimonials and reviews you receive. Post them on social media to show it to your prospective customers/client companies.

Though there are advocates of outbound marketing, or say traditional marketing methods, for construction business, inbound marketing for sure doesn’t cost a bomb. Moreover, a positive online presence can work wonders for a soaring business.

With digitization and mobile-fixation, customers have come closer to you. No wonder, SEO is indispensable for digital construction marketing strategy. Construction marketing SEO is no different from the usual SEO. The only difference would be the targeted keywords, thanks to the niche. All a construction company needs for a stellar web optimization is the SEO analyst or affordable SEO services from a reliable construction marketing agency.  For Construction Marketing SEO tactics to bear fruits, have patience.

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