Marketing Your Construction Business on LinkedIn: A How-to Guide

LinkedIn 101 for Your Construction Business
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LinkedIn is the Secret Ingredient to Add to Your Construction Marketing Strategy

With more than 163 million users in the U.S. alone, LinkedIn is a handy platform for construction companies to promote their business and do social media marketing. In terms of lead generation, it is the top-ranking social media network. So, it is imperative to know how marketing your construction business on LinkedIn works. To make the most of the social media platform, you will have to take part in conversations actively, regularly share information, and do some customer service. This much remains the same.

But there are some other things that you can do as part of your social media marketing strategy on LinkedIn. In this blog, we will also answer:

  • How to use LinkedIn for construction business marketing
  • How to promote a LinkedIn company page

What LinkedIn Recommends

On the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions portal, LinkedIn recommends completing your page with a logo. Also add an overview that uses key terms and phrases. Then include any information you want to include about your organization like location, industry, and company size. The more complete your page is, the more views it will receive per week. And according to LinkedIn, that could mean up to 30% more!

Now that you know what LinkedIn recommends, here is what we recommend that you do as part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

Get your employees to follow your page

First and foremost, get your colleagues and employees to connect with your page. You can encourage them to add themselves as employees of your company along with their position, which will create a connection to your page. Whenever you post updates and new job openings, it will become easy for your employees to share these with their network. By including this as part of your LinkedIn strategy, you are tapping into their networks and expanding your reach.

Become an industry expert

The simplest way to establish yourself as a construction industry expert is by sharing links to blogs from your website. It is more than likely that you already have a blog, so this will help to drive traffic to your site. Also, share content that is educational and of value to your readers and participate in discussions. If you do this, readers will start to see you as a knowledgeable and authoritative voice for construction-related news and information.

Create or join a LinkedIn group

Joining groups makes it easier for more people and businesses to interact with you and view your company page. Additionally, LinkedIn groups are great places for your to start content curation. Participating in discussions or starting one of your own are great ways to draw in users and other local businesses to view your company’s page. When you create your own group, you can highlight it by adding it as a featured group on your page.

Create LinkedIn ads

Easily create ads, track performance, and get demographics reporting for LinkedIn ads at the account, campaign, campaign group, and ad levels with Campaign Manager. You can filter this data by different metrics such as time range, location, country, company, job title, and more. With this data, you can understand what type of content is liked and better target your ads. Campaign Manager also allows talent acquisition teams to target candidates with ads.

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Easily track and analyze statistics

With LinkedIn Company Page analytics, you can easily measure return on investment (ROI) for your ads, measure conversions, view lead generation and see clicks and impressions. This can be done through Update analytics, Followers and Visitors analytics, and Talent Brand analytics. Using demographics will make it easier to understand who is engaging with your ads and content over any period, and which type of content is working best with your audience.

Quickly grow your network

If you are sharing high-value content, you are probably already connecting with lots of people and other businesses. You will have many opportunities to meet people who are interesting, related to your business. or seem like a potential client. Connect with them later, on LinkedIn. Remember that people want to connect with other people and not with salesy business pages. LinkedIn offers LinkedIn suggested introductions and the Find Nearby option as well to grow your network.

Use InMail to communicate

InMail is LinkedIn’s messaging feature to send messages to those who are not first-degree connections. It is free for premium subscriptions. If used correctly, InMail allows you to engage with prospective customers, increase conversions by promoting products/services, share content downloads, and get better response rates. You can do this with a clear subject line, a personalized, to-the-point message, and a call to action.

Easily recruit new talent

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to search for and hire construction professionals. You can search for professionals with specific skill sets and engage in conversation with them before recruiting. LinkedIn allows companies to post about job openings for free through the company page or paid job postings. If your job postings are concise and detailed, you will be able to hire quickly. You can monitor the job postings and communicate with applicants.

LinkedIn is more than just a professional network; it is a powerful marketing channel that can be used for social media marketing for construction companies. You can use it to build brand awareness, generate more leads, promote your company page, become an authoritative voice, and more. Marketing your construction business on LinkedIn is vital for your overall construction marketing strategy. This is just like your understanding of your goals and target audience is.

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