How to Use Social Media to Improve Your SEO Ranking

How Social Media Improves Your SEO Ranking
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Explore How Social Media Impacts SEO In More Ways than One

While working on the search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your construction company, yoshould look for different ways to improve your methodsThere has been plenty of  endless discussions over the years about whether or not social media actually affects rankings. Social media may not have a direct effect on SEO rank, but it certainly does influence it. 

Social media makes it easier for businesses to get their content out to more people and to understand what people are looking for. According to existing trends, companies can actually pick up topics to write or post about. And your social media accounts can link back to your site, where people can learn more about you. So, there is more than one way that social media and SEO can bring positive results. 

How SEO and Social Media Work Together

Social media and SEO seem like an oddball couple, but social media can boost your SEO in some waysThe more valuable content you share to your social channels, the more leads you will drive back to your site and improve your organic standings. Learn more about how social media affects SEO below. 

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1Your content will reach more people

Many people will find your pages organically, but social media can help users discover more of your content. Whenever you share one of your blogs or articles on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, you are giving them the opportunity to read your content. And if they like what they read, they may share it to their own account. This creates more brand exposure for you and drives more leads to the page. This will further increase traffic to your site and improve your SEO rankings. 

2. Add social sharing buttons

In addition to posting your own content to your social media account, you can add social plugins under your blogs and articles. This will allow readers to share your work directly with other people and expand your reach. These new audiences may not come across your site organically otherwise. And the more traffic you get on your write-ups, the more people will want to check out other content on your site. Some may even want to learn more about your business.  

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3Google crawls links on Facebook

Facebook is the best bet for businesses that want to reach people online, especially when it comes to older audiences. Facebook lets you share written content, videos, and pictures, as well as external links to blogs and videos. But you probably didn’t know that Google crawls these Facebook links. So, after you link content, Google will index it. So, if your links are shared on multiple profiles and pages, you will be able to drive more traffic to your page. 

4Hashtags help people find your content

While Twitter and Instagram pages cannot always be crawled as Facebook pages can, there is another way that users can find your content – through hashtags. By adding relevant hashtags to your content, people searching for the same keywords will find your content. For example, if you sell construction pipes, use the hashtag #constructionpipes rather than just #pipes, or your post will get lost amongst images of smoking pipes. Similarly, you should use specific hashtags like “#stonewarepipe and #plumbingpipes. 

5Create YouTube content

YouTube videos rank high in search results, with a single result taking up the entire screen. Other results also show up as video carousels after the top search results. Start by creating videos that are engaging for people. Write a title with relevant keywords and add a description of your video with at least 200 words. Pick a good thumbnail to increase your clickthrough rate and remember to share your video in emails and on your social media profiles. 

6Social profiles rank in search engines

Your social media profiles don’t just show up when someone looks for it through one of these platforms. Your profiles also show up in search engine result pages (SERPs). If someone types your company name into Google, your website will show up first followed by your social profiles. Many prospects are more likely to check out your social channels than web pages so that they can understand more about your business.

7. You can build authority

When you share your content to your socials, there is a chance that it will be seen by experts within the construction industry. If your audience likes what they read, then they may decide to share with their own followers. Or better yet, you might even be able to earn a backlink! The more you connect with other brands and other construction personalities, the more your content will be seen by others and the higher chance you have of getting backlinks. 

As you can see, while social media may not directly affect your rankings, it helps to bring your brand and content more visibility. So, you need to have your SEO and social media strategies and efforts work together to drive more traffic.  

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