Why a Construction Company should care about Brand Reputation

What is a Brand Reputation? How to Promote a Construction Business through Branding?

In construction, reputation is everything! And they are not wrong. It certainly takes years for a construction company to create a brand reputation. A business owner will understand that a brand’s reputation is earned, and that’s why it takes longer to build. One minor blow and your company can lose business as well as respect in the industry. Yes, that’s why a construction company should care about brand reputation.

Building a brand reputation should be a key element of any construction company’s branding strategy. Nowadays, with digital transformation in the construction industry, there are opportunities galore to build, observe and protect your brand reputation by using the means of the internet and using Social Media Marketing to leverage. In this blog, let’s discuss: why and how building a brand reputation is crucial for the construction business. Let’s begin with:

What is a Brand Reputation?

Do you understand what brand reputation is? If you go by the dictionary definition of the word “REPUTATION” it says, “The overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general.” Thus, reputation is based on individual opinions of a particular person’s (or brand’s) overall personality and character.

Just like a personal reputation, a brand reputation is also dependent on other’s perceptions of your brand. So, when you are thinking of: How to promote a construction business? Think in terms of building a brand identity and then maintaining the brand reputation. Here, we would like to give an example of Bertucci Contracting Company, which is a fifth-generation company that builds flood control and coastal restoration along the Gulf Coast. Their president is very active in the Associated General Contractors (AGC) and regularly consults with the Corps of Engineers, along with speaking at coastal conferences. One shouldn’t be surprised that his company does nearly all of the coastal restoration work along Louisiana’s coast. Not only his brand has made an identity for consistently delivering for the last many decades, but the brand reputation is also now getting maintained by his (being president) knowledge and reputation. That’s how branding a construction company and brand reputation works.

How is Brand Reputation different from Brand Promise or Values

Don’t come to this conclusion of Brand Reputation the same as Brand Promise or Values. Yes, many construction companies take building a brand reputation as going with the brand promise or values. No, all these three are different. Brand value is what your company stands for like ethical, environment-friendly; it is not something a customer perceives.

On the other hand, brand promise is customer-centric. It is virtues and aspects a brand promises to the customers like value for money, different from the other, how relatable and relevant, and above all, trust. Coming to Brand Reputation, it is company-centered and rises from the fact of how successful a company is in delivering the promise and staying true to its values.

In a nutshell, a construction company that cares about its brand reputation shall see how brand promises have been met, and values are relevant.

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What are the Factors deciding Brand Reputation for a Construction Company?

Your Construction company’s brand reputation is dependent on its brand promises, values, and brand identity. So, how to create a brand identity? You will find answers here in this blog Now, jumping straight to the building brand reputation. Here are the factors to be considered for brand reputation strategy or say brand management in general.

  • Consider your brand reputation as a personal reputation.
  • How would you like your clients/customers to perceive the brand?
  • What qualities and traits you clients/customers link to your brand
  • How your client/customers perceive the brand reputations of other competitors (it’s tricky, but needs to be answered)
  • What would you like the client/customer to say about your brand reputation?
  • Will your brand reputation will get support from your employees, top management, vendors, investors and partners/stakeholders (if any)one.
  • Above all, how close is your brand reputation to the promises, values, and the overall brand identity you have worked upon?

How to build a Construction Company’s Brand Reputation?

After considering the above-mentioned factors, you are all set with your brand reputation’s needs and what-to-dos. Now, the time is to build a brand reputation. For companies operating for years, brand reputation is not a major concern as gradually, it happens and progresses. Companies who are old players in the construction industry can concentrate on reviving brand reputation or maintaining it. Small businesses and new firms need to work a lot on their brand reputation. Here are some effective ways to build a brand reputation that can aid the overall branding for construction companies.

1. Value customers, give them a good customer experience

Customers or clients (B2B business model), both need to be satisfied so that your brand reputation is not under stake. Customer/client experience depends on how much attention you give to their needs and queries. Be it handling their concerns raised on twitter or other social media pages or interaction with the customer support about the delivery of orders or questions related to services. Every action will lead to creating a perfect customer experience. Then these happy customers will only rate you on Google and other business reviews sites.

2. Is your social media reflecting a positive brand image

With the advent of Social Media, maintaining a brand image and taking care of brand reputation has undoubtedly become easy. However, it does get tricky at time. Social Media is all about connections and their opinions. So, monitor your connections as it will affect the reputation of your brand online. The construction industry is all about lasting relationships and reputations. You can piggyback on the positive image of your client or partner company for exciting social media content. Most importantly, your marketing & branding team should be on the same page about the company’s message on social media.

3. Take care of feedback and handle negative comments

With changing times, a customer has become aware and agile. So, taking care of their feedback, whether negative or positive is a must. For this step, first, make your customers comfortable. They should be encouraged to open up about your services and products. When you do this, the customers also sobers down the negative feedback before sharing it with you. A happy customer is not just content; he/she also does mouth publicity for your brand. When it comes to negative comments, which usually happens on social media, responding politely should be your call. You can follow these tips to earn brownie points from your customers:

  • Respond to the negative comment immediately.

If you are late in responding, your image is getting tainted further. A quick response is what an angry client/customer needs.

  • Be online, professionally

Stay within your limits even if the comment is too brash or negative. If patience is a virtue, calmness is your charm which will work on the customers.

  • Answer publicly

How you solved a particular client/customer problem or negative feedback can make a good positive story. So try to answer publicly. If the customer has written an email, then answer that letter.

4. Keep up to your promises and be transparent

Any brand that fails to keep up the promises they made to the customers will find it hard to re-build their brand reputation. When a brand consistently delivers as per the promises, it gives its customers/clients a reason to choose them all the time.

Next would be transparency. As today’s customer is both savvy and suave, they don’t mince a word when it comes to complaints. So, be transparent in your marketing and branding efforts. Social Media Marketing for your construction company should also be aware of this so that they aren’t putting any lofty posts for which your company doesn’t stand for.


The last point would be monitoring your brand in and out. What’s going on with social media? What your competitors are doing? Customers now mostly write complaints on online networks as they know that on the social medium, chances of getting heard are better and fast. Also, pay attention to the allegations based on wrong information, letting people write defaming statements about the brand online.

As the construction industry is vast and fragmented, reaching out to potential clients and customers is possible when you have a positive brand image. That’s why a construction company should care about the brand reputation that is not easy to build in a day. And may get tarnish in a jiffy.

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