Content Marketing Strategy for Construction Companies: Why It Is Important

How to Create Content Marketing Strategy for a construction company
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How Digital Content Strategy Fuels a Construction Company’s Marketing Plan

When a construction company wants to reach out to a bigger audience, make its presence felt online, and  generate leads, writing content is a good technique. Now, the question is does a content marketing strategy for a construction company help?

To date, construction businesses have been dependent on traditional marketing to grab eyeballs. And the content was limited to slogans and brand taglines. However, with the advent of digital media, content’s importance has grown, and construction should have a digital content strategy in place.

What is a content strategy?

According to Wikipedia, content strategy is “The planning, development, and management of content.” How you use content for your company and to achieve your business goals is what decides your success. Like the blueprint for a house, a content strategy is the foundation for all future content work that you do. It is also the part of your marketing plan that establishes and showcases what you are, what your service are, and your unique selling proposition.

Before planning a content strategy you should answer the following questions:

Why should a piece content be published?

What kind of content should go online?

Where will the content be published?

Who are the readers of the content?

What would be the next step after the content is published?

After you have the answers for these questions, you should consider the following:

How should the content be structured and planned?

How often will the content will be published?

Who will be writing the content?

Is your content appealing to your audience?

What is your content plan for social media? (By default, social media content has to be interesting, informative and something that your audience can relate to). There is no ideal or perfect content plan for social media; understand your customers, and you will know how to plan a social media content strategy for your construction business.

That’s why the importance of content creation for the growth of a business can’t be overlooked. Especially in digital media. To develop a concrete content strategy, answering the above-mentioned questions is vital.

For your construction website, your site’s content will also have to be a part of your content strategy. These are some of the things that you should ensure are on your website:

About us 

There is no way you can ignore About Us Content for construction company.  The “About Us” content of your construction website is how your prospects will understand your company and what you stand for. This page usually also has your vision and mission.

Describe services and products

Create separate pages for all of your services and products, This will allow viewers to see what you offer and understand the benefits and features.

Real images of people and construction sites

Include real images on your website.This helps to build a connection with the visitors coming to your website. They will also be able to see your work and the faces behind your company, which makes you relatable.

Team members

Include a page with all the team members in your construction business. Their achievements and pictures will again help in building connection and trust.

Career & contact page

Every construction business, big or small, should have a page listing out job openings or projects, as well as a contact page. Individuals will be able to apply easily for openings from your site and contact you if they need information.

Analyze website content

Your work does end once you have written content for your website. The final step is actually an ongoing process, which is analyzing the website content for further improvements. You will need to regularly update, edit and optimize your site’s content.

What is a content marketing strategy?

A content marketing strategy is a combination of both content strategy and content marketing. There is no content strategy vs content marketing. A content strategy is the planning and execution how content will be used in various stages of marketing.  On the other hand, content marketing refers to only one aspect of your overall content strategy.

According to experts, understanding the differences between the two, and how both can work simultaneously, to complement each other is good for business both online and offline.

Tie your content marketing strategy to your goals

After coming up with your digital content strategy, you will also have to set your goals. Ellen Gomes, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Marketo, says, “One of the best ways to sabotage your content is to not tie it to your goals. Know why you’re creating content.”

The trick to creating a content marketing strategy is to let your customers feel informed. Do not simply advertise or market to them like you are trying to sell something. Content marketing tactics comprise white papers, case studies, marketing collaterals, blog posts, articles posted on other websites, PR, social media marketing, PPC, and various types of SEO.

How to create a content strategy

There are many steps and layers to be kept in mind while creating a content as part of your marketing plan. You have to know how to integrate your plan into your overall marketing strategy. Here is a writing” checklist” that every content marketer should adhere to:

  • Your mission and goal(s)
  • Launch KPIs
  • Find your audience
  • Determine the best content channels
  • Decide on content types
  • Create a content calendar
  • Content creation
  • Marketing & distribution of content
  • Measuring result

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Why is a content creation strategy for construction companies important?

“I work with bricks and cement, why would you need a content strategy?” you might think. Every business, even a construction business needs content. The construction industry still uses more outbound or traditional marketing, and by far, it’s profitable for them. So why should you consider inbound marketing?

According to reports, content marketing (inbound marketing) generates 54% more leads than traditional methods.

Here are the main reasons why the construction industry needs digital content marketing:

  • Construction is a big industry

One can only imagine the magnanimity of the construction industry. There are many construction companies, out there and each company has a niche. This is an advantage that gives each firm an edge over the others when it comes to developing a content marketing plan. By sticking to your niche, you will stand out in your market space. And when the right content marketing tactics are applied correctly, your business branding will be stronger. And you will savor the perks of organic traffic too.

  • The timing is right in 2019

To date, on average, over 70 percent of construction companies don’t have a blog. Now is the perfect time to start content marketing, and get to the top of search results. According to reports, people searching for construction-related questions don’t find relevant answers. This happens due to a lack of unique and high-quality content. Give the customers what they are seeking, and earn their trust.

  • Increase in conversion rate

We will again use data to show you how content strategy helps in increasing conversion rates. Research says that in recent years, custom content has improved conversion rates on landing pages by over 60%.

  • A rise in organic search traffic

Don’t be surprised when we say that content marketing is more effective in bringing traffic than paid advertising. And research says that it is 63% of the cost. Companies that do weekly blogging have been shown to generate over three times more website traffic than their competitors.

The goal of digital content marketing is to bring quality leads by giving valuable information that is relevant and important to the reader. A concrete content strategy with super-flexible content marketing planning is what a construction company needs in today’s time to increase its business. Content Marketing Strategy for a construction company is not just a tool, but a boon, as it’s economically not taxing, and yields more significant results.

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