How Digital Marketing Is Transforming the Construction Industry

How is Digital Marketing Transforming the Construction Industry
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Beat the competition and keep your construction business on top with digital technology

In the world of marketing, strategies keep changing. Before the internet, if you wanted to get a message out to consumers about a new product or service, you put an ad in a newspaper, on a billboard, or run a commercial on TV. Marketing was simple – businesses paid money to use these channels, and their ad would reach everyone, irrespective of whether or not they would make a purchase. So how is digital marketing transforming the construction industry? Well for starters, traditional marketing techniques have almost become obsolete.

Consumers who once spent a couple of minutes reading through paper ads will now exit a website if it takes longer than a second to load. This is because as the world evolved from using paper to using digital media, information started to be consumed faster than ever. And if it’s not fast, it’s not worth the effort.

While many industries have adopted digital marketing practices, the construction industry is yet to do so on a larger scale. The most innovative construction companies are the carriers of this change.

Advantages of digital marketing in the construction industry

A lot of planning, discussion, and communication are done on paper in the construction industry. By upgrading to digital technology, construction companies can increase revenue, track work, be more efficient with time and money, and communicate better. There are a number of ways in which a digital transformation can help the industry and individual construction companies:

Work faster and cheaper

Through the use of digital marketing, companies can complete projects faster and more efficiently through improved workflow and scheduling.

Improve safety conditions

Construction companies are now investing more money into improving safety conditions for their workers so that they can respond quicker, document more accurately, and keep track of safety inspections.

Build partnerships

Construction companies that streamline the way they work with software and technology can partner better internally and with subcontractors for improved quality control.

Switch to mobile technology

Mobile phones allow individuals to communicate in real-time and get updates from the people they work with. They can also automate tasks and actions and track data.

Use automation

Skilled workers are getting harder to find, but companies still need to deliver with the same speed, efficiency, and quality. Automation helps to use resources more efficiently and reduce mistakes.

Why is digital marketing better than traditional marketing for the construction industry?

Many traditional marketing methods are becoming obsolete, with very few if any being used by business marketers to draw in customers. Digital marketing transformations bring about changes in a company’s existing culture and the way it functions. So being digitized is the first option and not a secondary one. Digital marketing provides the following advantages for construction companies:

Targeted marketing

The rise of digital marketing in the construction industry is no less a revolution. With the advent of the revolution, came easier and more targeted ways of marketing. Construction companies now can pick whom to share an ad with, and consumers can be tracked through a multitude of different channels and devices. You can now select your audience on the basis of location, interests, age, purchasing behavior, and job title.

Affordable media

Traditional media options such as print advertising, pamphlets, flyers, and radio are now being replaced by a wider variety of less expensive options including websites, social media, mobile apps, and emails. This means that money won’t be wasted on targeting individuals who would never be a customer and can instead be used to reach out to a more relevant audience.

Instant statistics

Once, the only way to gauge how an ad was doing was through purchases. Now, you can check the status of an ad through whichever platform you are using. And you can make changes such as more specific targeting and to your marketing strategy itself if there aren’t enough leads. This can be done through the use of free analytics software such as Google Analytics or other paid tools.

Customer interaction

Digital technology in media, unlike more traditional media, allows brands to engage directly with existing and potential customers. This includes everything from browsing a website to liking posts or images on social media. And the best part of these interactions is that they can all be personalized.

It’s clear that the ubiquity of the internet has only made it easier to see how is digital marketing transforming the construction industry. It will only further allow construction companies to extend their business and reach. After all, it’s where the clients and customers are.

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