Why You Are Not Seeing Positive Construction Marketing Results

Why Your Digital Marketing Efforts are Failing
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These Are Some of the Mistakes that Are Affecting Your Marketing

We live in a digital world. With the increasing size of projects and procedures in the construction industry, work has become more complex. Many construction businesses either have not adopted digital marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy, or they are doing digital marketing incorrectly. This is why they are not seeing positive construction marketing results. 
There are so many digital marketing channels that you can use to launch your digital marketing campaignsAnd there are tools that will help you reach your goals. Even with all these tools at your disposal, you may still face issues. This can affect your digital marketing results. But the good part is that in marketing, many mistakes are easily rectifiable.

Why you are not seeing positive construction marketing results

Here are some reasons why you are seeing bad results, or not seeing any digital marketing results: 

You don’t have a proper strategy

Many businesses make the mistake of setting their goals before they set their construction marketing plan. Your strategy is not just about you meeting your goals, it also allows you to create your company value. For example, growth-oriented goals drive companies to chase markets with high-growth while still unestablished. So, your strategy will define your business and the choices that you make. 

You don’t have realistic goals 

Before getting started with your marketing campaign, you should have a list of well-defined and obtainable goals. You can remember these as SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals. Many businesses tend to make the mistake of setting overly ambitious goals that they are not able to meet. By setting smart goals instead, you will ensure that your goals are obtainable according to your resources and abilities. 

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You are not targeting the right audience 

As part of your strategy, you should have created buyer personas and done research about your target audience. If you target the wrong audience, you will not make any sales. Even if you misunderstand who your customers are, you will not create the right buyer persona. Use tools to identify the demographics that your audience falls into or use customer surveys to get even more specific results. Otherwise your digital marketing campaign will fail. 

You are not performing tests

To figure out which of your campaigns are working and which ones are not, you need to do testing. The best test to use is A/B testing. This process is pretty simple. You separate your audience into two random groups and then show them two different versions of what you are trying to test. This could be an ad or a landing pageWhichever performs best in terms of positive action, is the one you should choose to use. 

You are not getting conversions

There could be a number of reasons why you are not getting many conversions. First, understand your market and your target audience. What are they looking for and what are their needs? These are some questions that will help you understand your audience better. This will help you draft landing pages and website content that relates to themAvoid bad design or copy on your ad, landing page or website which can affect conversions. Ensure that your messaging is relevant, consistent, clear and of high quality. 

You are not monitoring metrics

When you launch a campaign, you need to track key performance metrics (KPIs). If you track the wrong metricsyou will not get an accurate picture of how your campaigns are running. Vanity metrics like keyword rankings, downloads, subscriptions and social media followers are mere numbers, and they don’t help when it comes to reaching business goals. Instead, track conversion rate, cost per click, and return on investment. 

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As you can see, there are many reasons you are not seeing positive construction marketing results. But the good part is that you can easily course correct and make changes to your digital marketing plan. Any mistakes that you make don’t have to be expensive problems that you will have to spend lots of time and money to correct. This is even more true if you can catch them early. Remember that all businesses make mistakes, but only the ones that meet these challenges come out on top. 

Your digital marketing strategy can require lots of time and money to develop on your own. It can take even longer to monitor campaigns and track metrics. CMGurus does digital marketing for construction companies and our experts will help with the digital strategy for construction companies no matter their size.